The tie is the easiest way to symbolize that you are now well-dressed. These are five bullet-proof ways to wear one this summer. 

As we just wrote in our big guide about ties: “There is just something about wearing a tie. When you put on a tie, you mean it. You are ready to conquer the day. When it comes down to it, the tie does not really have a practical function, yet in terms of style it still functions like a full stop on the end of sentence: a final definitive flourish that says, “I am now (well) dressed”. It’s a sign of effort and good manners.” The possibilities with a tie is endless. There are always new combination that you find – wether it’s how to match your tie and pocket square, or how to mix and match patterns. But some combinations just always works. And these five are the perfect examples of this. So whenever you are in doubt on how to wear a tie this summer, try one of these. It will have your back!

1. With White Jeans And An Army Green Jacket

White jeans are back. If you were a kid in the 90s you probably dressed up in these as well. Well, it’s time to put those back on. The good thing with white jeans is that you wear basically any color to them. We love the combination with an army green jacket. The military jacket is one of our favorites when it comes to switching up our blazers. Wearing a tie with a blazer is of course the most common thing – and for good reason, as it looks amazing every time. However, sometimes it’s fun to play a little why wearing a tie with a military jacket is something we are really much into. The Polka Dotted tie works brilliantly together with this. Just see how cool Mr. Mads Thalund looks here.

2. Blue Striped Shirt With A Blue Striped Tie

Lets be honest. The striped shirt is a true favorite. So is a blue striped tie. Luckily for us, they look even better together than they do apart. You can wear this combination with just about any suit – from your classic navy suit to your summer beige cotton suit. Make sure you wear a pocket square that compliments both the shirt and the tie. Just like one of the two founders, Alexander Gram, does here.

3. Grey Blazer Paired With A Colored Knit Tie

A light grey blazer is perfect for summer. Add some checks to it as well if you want it to be extra cool. This blazer from Oscar Jacobson is indeed one of our favorite blazers this summer. The great thing with the light grey blazer is the versatility. You can wear it with just about any shirts, any trousers and any tie. However, we do have a favorite combination this summer and that is the colored knit tie paired with the grey blazer. Wearing a neutral colored blazer gives you the possibilities to be a bit more playfull when it comes to your choice of tie. So be bold and add some colors to it.

4. Grey And Blue

The combination of grey and blue is a classic. The two colors compliment each other very well, why it is one of our go-to combination all year around. But to twist it up a bit, it’s cool to create some tone-in-tone look. Like here where  our other founder, Nikolaj Dylsing Olsen, is wearing a blue knitted tie in a slightly different blue than the shirt. To make it even more harmonious the blue tie bar and blue pocket square with white borders work brilliantly here. Try it next time you suit up in a full grey suit.

5. Rolled Up Sleeves And A Knit Tie

Summer is warm. So to avoid being hit by a heat-attack, you might have to roll up your sleeves from time to time. But that is ok – it makes your look a bit less formal so you might need to add a tie that has the same feeling to it. And that is what the knitted tie is. It’s the perfect item to balance  formal and casual. We probably wear a knitted tie more than we wear one in silk to be honest. And that is just because of this. And this combination is a sure thing all summer long.