The 5 Best Sneakers For The Office

Sneakers are now allowed at the office. But don’t flash just any pairs to your boss or client. We guide you on which pair to choose.

Dress codes across professions have changed drastically over the recent years. The offices do not call for a suit and tie the same way as they once did. If you ask us, it’s both good and bad. Good that we are much more free to choose to wear what we feel comfortable in, but bad because people have become lazy. However, what we love the most with the less obvious and strict dress codes is the fact that sneakers for the office is now a thing. Your most handsomest trousers do not necessarily call for your finest pair of leather shoes (however, it still looks amazing), but can now be paired with a great pair of sneakers (if you are a banker or a lawyer, it might not be the case). But it is indeed not every single pair of your sneakers that are office-approved. It’s a particular set of sneakers you can choose and wear in front of your boss or client.

The secret is to find a pair of sneakers that looks like sneakers, but not like your running shoes. So here it is, the office-approved sneakers.

Garment Project – Classic Lace

A great pair of black suede sneakers with a white sole never fails to impress. Rock it with your classic black suit to switch things up a bit. Shop

Jack Purcell Canvas Shoes

For a long time, the Jack Purcell’s have been a personal favorite. The classic Converse silhouette, with the great winged tongue. The color makes it perfect for your denims. Shop

Vans Classic Slip-On

The Slip-On’s – especially during summer time – is the perfect shoes for a more relaxed looks. Might be a new move for you, but trust us on this. When worn right, it’s an awesome office shoe. Shop

Common Project Achilles Full-Grein Leather Sneakers

It’s difficult to make a sneaker-list without Common Projects, the inventer of the high-end sneakers. The silhouette is amazing, and paired with this full-grain leather on top, it’s just perfect. Shop

 Maison Margiela Replica

Like Common Projects, the Replica-model from Maison Margiela tops our list when it comes to our favorite sneakers of all time. Switch up your classic white sneakers with these bad boys to instantly step up your game. Shop