Still got a blank piece of paper in front of you where you were supposed to put all your nice gift wishes? We got you. Five great pieces every man could use.

Christmas is a lovely time. More time with the family. More good food. More good wine. More of a lot of things. But often you can find yourself struggle with the wish list-thing. Because what do you really want? If you still are out of ideas, we got five great suggestions for you.

1. A Bluetooth Speaker 

Speakers are not these clumsy, ugly things anymore. Now they can actually be a pretty decent sight to the eyes. Especially those from B&O PLAY. Not only does it look good in your living room, but the quality of the sound should be pretty good as well as it’s tuned by the best in the world, the Struer-based company, Bang & Olufsen.


2. A Wool Sweater

Even after Christmas it will be cold. Probably even colder than it is right now. So you better get some wool sweaters. The good thing is that it will still have your back next winter. Because your wool sweaters will only be better during the years if you just make sure you treat it properly, which includes that you do not wash it very often – only when really necessary. This one is from American brand, J. Crew and we really love the light blue color – pair it with your finest denim or underneath your navy suit.


3. A Good Pair of Gloves

A saying goes “never go down on equipment“. And this is especially true when it comes to gloves. Think about it – you use them almost every single day during the winter. Why not have the best of the best? Why buy the cheapest, semi-good-looking pair you can find? Perhaps you don’t like the thought of spending all that money on it. Fair enough – then it’s the perfect gift to put on your wish list. The ones from Hestra has always been our go-to-gloves. Reasonable price point and an insane quality. You will not freeze with these, gents.


4. A Cool Bar Set

Want to impress the guys when they are coming over? We couldn’t find a more cool thing to have in your kitchen or on your bar-table. The famous Soho-House decided to create and sell the beautiful things they got at their houses all around the world. This one is one of them and it’s perhaps the coolest thing we have ever seen.


5. A Good Set of Skin Care

Face it. Get it? Haha. On a more serious note, a kit like this should be an essential part of every man’s morning routine. To cleanse your skin and make sure to protect it for all the nasty stuff it is getting exposed to during the day. We almost swear by the products of Aesop, and to make it easy for you, they actually made this kit to make it easy for you to have the right things in your bathroom. Good to most kind of skin.