Need to improve your knowledge regarding style? These are the best five books to read. 

There is so much information, rules, to-do, don’t-do’s etc. that it can be difficult to know what is up and what is down when talking about men’s fashion. What blazer do you need in your wardrobe? What is the difference between a Derbys and Oxfords? What is an oxford button downs shirt? How do you fold a pocket square?

Yeah, we know. It can be too much. But fear not. Because many great men have collected all their knowledge and putted it down on paper. You know, in books. When have you last read a book? We hope recently. If not, perhaps now is the time to start. Switch up your phone now and then and make your mind go to work. You won’t regret it.

Here is what we believe is the best books about style you can find and should be a must-read for all you fashionistas and gentlemens.

1. ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies

Originally published in 1964, this book is unique because it’s published like a dictionary, and serves as a glossary for obscure menswear terms like terylene, hopsack, and houndstooth. Perhaps most known for his awesome quote about menswear in which he said: “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” A rule to live by.


2. The Mr. Porter Paperback Vol. 1-3

Mr. Porter knows a thing or two about fashion and style. No question about that. So luckily for us, they decided to write a book about it. Featuring great interviews with various style icons, history about items such as denim shirts, shearling jackets, the coolest ten cars ever made and much more. Definitely worth your money and time.


3. The Ivy Look: Classic American Clothing – An Illustrated Pocket Guide

You might already know that we are pretty much into this whole IVY-look thing. Button down shirts, preppy chinos, hopsack blazers etc. And if you ask us, there is no better book about the topic than this one. It has been almost been our bible the last five years. So of course, it has made the list. From the button-down hip of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Miles Davis to the enduring style of the cast of Mad Men, this book got it all.


4. Icon’s of Mens Style by Josh Sims

The icons in this book aren’t men like Steve McQueen or Paul Newman, rather, they’re wardrobe staples like trenchcoats, penny loafers, and tweed jackets. Read up on the origins of deck shoes, penny loafers, M-65 jackets, and much, much more.


5. Ralph Lauren – 50 Years

Some hate the brand, some love the brand. However, you can’t deny his impact on men’s fashion. Celebrating 50 years of the most famous American brand, this book chronicles the legendary career trajectory of Ralph Lauren. WWD has chronicled the company’s every step since its founding in 1967, from that first wide necktie and iconic advertisements to Lauren’s innovative venture into online media. Offering insight into this trailblazing visionary, Ralph Lauren. Sounds like a good read, right?