Coffee is essential during a busy day. And just like with food, Copenhagen knows something about quality. Here is the best places to zip your cup of joe.

Copenhagen is known for many things. We know how to ride a bike. We got so many incredible places to wine and dine. New architecture is popping out everywhere. Just as important (or perhaps even more important) is the fact that the level of the coffee you can get in this town is insanely high. Go to an average café in Copenhagen and you actually get a great cup of coffee (compared to some of the other metropolis we have visited during the years). But like with everything else, some just do it better than others. And being coffee-enthoutiasts and having a great amount of meetings over a cup of joe, we found some of our favorites. Here are what we believe is the five best coffee places in Copenhagen.

1. Coffee Collective 

With a desire that a Kenyan coffee farmer gets the same status and living conditions as a french wine farmer Coffee Collective started its mission in 2007. Now they got four location spread out in the city. Wanting to raise the quality of the coffee they pay more than they should in order to help the farmers raise their game. And to say the least, you can taste it. These coffee-nerds (only meant in a positive manner) know how to serve a great cup of coffee. Likewise, the interior is slick – of course, after all we are in Copenhagen.

2. Prolog Coffee

(Photo Credit: Rasmus Palsgård,

This is one of the newest coffee places in Copenhagen. One could think that we didn’t need a new place to zip our coffee, but truth be told, we can never get enough, right? It’s always interesting to see how different coffee enthusiasts give their spin to the whole coffee-area. Located in the Meat Packing District, Prolog Coffee opened in 2016. Prolog does not only serve a great cup of coffee, but they educate you while doing so. Telling you about the different techniques when making coffee while entertaining you with great stories, it’s no wonder why this is a must-try when in Copenhagen.

3. Original Coffee

Original Coffee has experienced a great amount of success during the years, now located eight different places in Copenhagen. Started out in Illum, where they still help people with their thirst of great coffee. Despite being a more “traditional” coffee-chain than the others on the list, you cannot claim them for not being serious about the quality of the beans and with a clean interior design, we love to come here organizing our ideas.

4. Copenhagen Coffee Lab

The name requires a pretty high standard. And the guys from Copenhagen Coffee Lab fulfill it to perfection. Located pretty close to the long and famous beach, Amager Strandpark, this should be a part of your outdoor-weekends. After getting your head filled with windy and fresh (!!!) air, what better way to warm up with a serious cup of coffee.

5. Café Det Vide Hus

Last but not least, Café Det Vide Hus. The cozy-factor in this is out of the scale. Not many know about this place, and we didn’t neither until for less than a year ago. Having our office close to it we stopped by this little, cozy place and we were hooked right away. Perhaps more known for its homemade Ice-Sticks, but the coffee (and croissant!!) is superb. And drinking it with the magnificent view of Rosenborg Slot and Kongens Have just completes the experience.