Top 3 best-dressed men at Wimbledon (so far)

The iconic Grand Slam tennis tournament Wimbledon has just entered its second week. And true to the traditions our focus are just as much on the stands as it is on the court. Wimbledon is always packed with well-dressed men, that know how to dress up sophisticated and preppy.

We have picked and ranked the 3 best-dressed men at Wimbledon until now. And we start with a crisp and bold look.

3. Mr. Spike Lee
In general, we just love the iconic and theatrical movie instructor Spike Lee. Normally he is all in on colorfull jerseys, crazy basketball caps and Jordan kicks, when he is sitting courtside every time New York Knicks are playing i Madison Square Garden.
At Wimbledon Spikey has chosen a bit more subtle look, but it’s still brave, bold and a bit in contrary to the Wimbledon dresscode with the sneakers. Nevertheless it’s FULL on preppy vibes, and we love it.

Style tip: Yes, it’s super cool to mix and match a navy blazer with a white pair of trousers, a white pair of Nike Cortez and a cap. And in our dream world, Mr. Spike Lee is off course wearing a shirt and a tie as well.
What a winner combo!!

2. Mr. David Beckham
Always with british elegance, but this time also with a twist of American Ivy League-vibes in his Ralph Lauren look. Mr. Becks are always dressed perfectly when visiting Wimbledon.

Style tip: The iconic combination you should know. Striped shirt, solid tie, navy blazer and khaki trousers.
Still in doubt about how this look works out? Check out our latest editorial.

1. Mr. Sol Campbell
Damn, the former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell killed it when he visited Wimbledon. And yes, in our opinion, he has won the style game during Wimbledon so far.

Style tip: Like GQ wrote: “When it comes to tailoring, summer is the time to lighten up”. Mr. Campbell got that right. The light colored blazer is the perfect pick for a sprezzy summer look. Mix it with a pink striped shirt, a solid tie and dark trousers, just like Campbell did. Just WOW!