The former NOMA and Ved Stranden 10 associate guides us on what to drink this summer

In the cozy street of Copenhagen, Oehlenschlægersgade at Vesterbro you find our new go-to place when it comes to zipping wine. The name of the place is Ancestrale and comes from a certain way of making sparkling wine. The three men behind, Johann Duedahl Jacobsen, Andreas Waechter and Patrick Sebastian Hult know a thing or two about wine and dine and with their background coming from Studio, Ved Stranden 10 Wine Bar and NOMA you can’t question this statement very much. Believe it or not, there is no wine card, but you got a full wine cellar to pick from – and believe us, you don’t leave thirsty.

As the summer time is over us (even though it does not look like it when looking at the weather here in Copenhagen) and being suckers for rosé, we teamed up with Mr. Hult to find five great rosés for the summer.

So here it is, the list you really need this summer: The Five Best Rosés For The Summer By Wine Expert And Former NOMA-waiter, Patrick Sebastian Hult

Calle Fegth, En liter Råsa, 2015 – 110 DKK

What Mr. Hult would say is ‘this year’s wine for the terrace‘ to put it nicely. Quit frankly it is a wine you can keep drinking till you end up….. yeah, wasted. Just keep the bottles coming. While getting one liter (instead of the usual 0,7l) for only 110 DKK, this wine is very nicely balanced in fruit and structure.

Where to buy? At Ancestrale’s own wine bar (Oehlenschlægersgade 12, 1663 København V) or in the shop SKÅL hos petillant (Forbindelsesvej 7B, Copenhagen), the importer.

Domaine Tempier, Rosé, 2016 – 199 DKK

This one is from the land of the Rosés, Provence in South of France. This one is dry, but full-bodied. A quit complex, but indeed great rosé. Very food-friendly rosé, and especially fits well with grilled shellfish, which of course is a part of your summer food menu.

Where to buy? Can be yours by some online shopping at Theis Vine:

Ocre Rouge, Syrah Rosé, 2015 – 140 DKK

If you like wines with an acidic taste to it, this is the one. An acid rosé from the South of France. Easy to drink, if you are not scared of a dry and acid wine. A bit more structured and abounding wine than most rosés you find on the market.

Where to buy? Because of their sincere love for it, Ancestrale has bought it all and can thus only be bought at their restaurant in Oehlenschlægersgade.

Maxime Magnon, Métisse, 2015 – 180 DKK

Perhaps this years best rosé,” Mr. Hult courageously states. Here, the balance of acid, fruit and dryness is unique. It’s both friendly when zipping wine on the terrace or when drinking it with food. Hits most wine-lovers straight in the heart.

Where to buy? When we tasted it for the very first time, we immediately bought every bottle we could get our hands onto”, the restaurant owner explains. Therefore, as it was with the Ocre Rouge, this one can only be bought at Ancestrale at Oehlenschlægersgade.

Martin & Anna Arndorfer, Rosa Marie, 2016 – 175 DKK

A tricky rosé. The wine is seasoned on other skin than its own grapes, namely on grüner veltliner. A bit like when you make orange wine (white wine that is made on the same principles as red wine) where you let the grape skin lie in the juice, which gives tannic acid and taste to the wine. Therefore this one is a bit more powerful and seasoned rosé. If that is the type of wine you prefer, you must try this one.

Where to buy? Can be bought at the Danish importer in their shop Österreich (Esplanaden 3, 1263 København K) or at the wine bar and boutique, Ved Stranden 10 (Ved Stranden 10, 1061 København K).

The three wines from the list you can buy at Ancestrale, Oehlenschlægersgade 12, 1663 København V