There are few items that are as cool and versatile as the grey blazer. This is five ways to wear one. 

Trends tends to come and go. One day you should wear clumsy sneakers, the next day all in your closet should be stiff and streamlined. While it can be difficult to navigate sometimes, luckily some items stand the test of time. While we can sometimes follow the new and interesting tendencies, often we tend to fall back to these classic items over and over again. In this way, they serve as the backbone of our closet. And perhaps one of our most beloved items that falls into this category is the grey blazer. The grey blazer remains one of the most stylish and versatile items in a man’s wardrobe and can easily be both dressed up and dressed down. This way it serves as a balance item between our formal and more casual looks. To show our love for this particular item and to show its versatility, we decided to style it five different ways. Hopefully this can serve as your inspiration next time you decide to put on this amazing jacket.

The Preppy Way

With our roots stemming from the preppy way of dressing, this look shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The grey blazer works brilliantly with a pair of khaki-colored trousers and a good pair of derby shoes. We paired this with a striped shirt and a striped tie the – one of our all-time favorite shirt-and-tie combinations.

As Your Outerwear-Jacket

Don’t let the tittle of a blazer fool you. Before we hit the freezing cold winter, use it as your outerwear jacket on top of your wool sweaters etc. It’s a great way to create a smart look, and a way to play a bit with different layers. Of course, remember your accessories when doing so. A great beanie and scarf will only add a cool dimension to your look.

The Smart Casual-Way 

As we described in the beginning of this article, the grey blazer can serve as a great item to balance the formal with the more casual. A balance item one might call it. So next time you get invited to something and the invite says the dresscode is ’smart-casual’, this could be your choice for the evening. Pair it with a pair of leather Chelsea boots and blue jeans. To make the look a bit more fall-ish, we decided to add some earth tones to the upper-body with a army-green button down shirt, a solid burgundy colored knit tie and a complimentary pocket square. A strong look to say the least.

With Blue

Grey and blue. A combination that will never fall short and one you can always trust for even the most fancy events. Wether you rock your grey blazer as a suit with a lightblue dress shirt, or you do like here, pair the blazer with a pair of navy trousers and a lightblue button-down shirt – it simply works. And another winning color combination you can add to your spectrum: blue and brown. Especially during fall and winter. So of course we had to add our beloved brown herringbone silk tie to this look.

All Grey

Last but not least, you should definitely consider just to make it simple with your grey suit and wear it all greyed out. Meaning your wear your grey blazer together with its complimentary trousers, and add an awesome grey tie to it. You can stop here, and it will be A-okay. But if you want to play a bit more, add a grey scarf to it as well. The temperature is dropping heavily these days, so you might as well stay warm in style.