The comic and creator of ’Masters of None’ knows how to get dressed. This is what he does so well.

First of all, if you haven’t seen the Netflix-series ’Master of None’ you should right away. Right after you have finished this article. For the serie he won several acting and writing awards, including two Emmys and a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Second of all, lets talk about this man’s style for a minute. Becuase there is something about it we can’t stop admiring. Despite dressing very well, he wears it so casual. He looks unbelievable relaxed when he wears a tie and when he wears some of his statement pieces he does it with this incredible confidence. More precisely, these are the style tricks to steal from Mr. Ansari.

Business Blue

Business blue – not as dark as navy blue and not light like that babyblue shirt of yours. Just in between and just perfect for pretty much every single event. So if you already got a navy suit in your wardrobe, but still prefer blue over everything – look for a suit in this shade. It’s got your back!

Preppy Tailoring

A club blazer, trousers and a pair of loafers. The essence of preppy dressing, and this looks amazing. Cool enough for the red carpet and relaxed enough to wear on a warm summer night. And note that as his jacket might be a little flamboyant, he dresses it down with the dark trousers. Party on top, business down below.

Trust The Classic (And Wear Them Together)

A grey suit. Brown Loafers. A light blue business shirt. A striped tie. It’s all classic menswear items and that what makes this look great. He doesn’t try too much. Or too little. The pieces add up. Remember that dressing does not have to be rocket science every single time.

The Art of Smart-Casual

This outfit is something we could wear every single day. A suede bomber jacket, a light blue shirt and a dark solid tie paired with brown chinos and loafers. This is what you have to think about when someone sends you an invitation to an event with the ‘smart-casual’-dresscode. It’s both fine menswear and casual menswear paired together. We love it!

Weekend Style On Point

Weekends are often the time where people go for the more casual and relaxed clothing. And nothing bad of this, just make sure you got some nice pieces. Looking casual does not mean looking bad. This shearling jacket is pure awesomeness, while the chinos and white sneakers are both great stuff that are incredible easy to wear.