He’s one of our favorite actors. And we are not alone in that belief. In 2015 he took an Oscar for his role in The Theory of Everything and afterwards he has dazzled the audience with his role in the The Danish Girl. But it’s not only with his acting that he dazzles us and the rest of the world. It’s definitely also with his modern, contemporary style with a twist of classic english gentleman elegance. And his style has been celebrated many times, when he has appeared in campaigns for both Prada and Burberry.

We have picked 5 style tips that you should steal from him.

Do like Eddie and wear a suede jacket above your tie
As you will see below, Eddie Redmayne is a master when it comes to suits. But he can do it a bit more casual too. For example with a suede jacket, which is a perfect alternative to a blazer. Mix it with a tie and suit pants for an elegant look with a twist of rock’n’roll and coolness. This look shows lots of confidence btw.

Do like Eddie and always consider a solid navy or black knit tie
Apparently Eddie is a huge fan of knitted ties. Especially the solid knitted navy tie is a favorite, which he master to perfection. It’s so damn versatile, and Mr. Redmayne is magnificent to style it in a both casual and dressy context.
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Do like Eddie and dare to suit up in unconventional patterns
This one is definitely the toughest one on the list, but we think it’s so damn cool if you show that you dare to suit up in a unconventional way. Patterns, checks, stripes, what ever you feel like. You will steal the show, but remember to go for skinny fit suits, if you choose the daring ones like Eddie. Otherwise you will steel the show in a bad way.

Do like Eddie and always consider the light blue shirt
When you look at pictures with Eddie, it’s obvious that he’s a fan of the light blue shirt. And maybe he has listened to Nick Wooster. No matter what, Nick Wooster once said: “Always consider a light blue shirt”. We couldn’t agree more. It’s a GO-TO. Always.

Do like Eddie and wear a velvet bow tie, when it’s time Black Tie
When it’s comes to black tie events, Eddie Redmayne steals the show every single time. Mostly because he manage to master the dresscode in a very modern way. As you can see above, he knows good tailoring and fits. That scenario is the same when it comes to black tie events, but often he also puts the icing on the cake when he wears velvet bow ties.
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