Yes, it’s hot. But that don’t mean you can’t wear a tie. This is how we wear a tie during summer. Six easy ways. 

After months of glorious weather, it’s safe to say shorts-and-tee season is once again officially upon us. However, some men don’t feel as the best version of themself when wearing this. The list includes us. Yes, we have been wearing shorts and t-shirts several days during this period of great weather, but some days it just don’t feel proper. To be our best self, we need to dress accordingly. So despite of the sun, we have been wearing a tie pretty often too. ‘How?’ one might ask. Well…. This is how:

Summer Patterns And A Solid Knit Tie

During summer you are allowed a bit more when it comes to color and patterns. This creates some opportunities when choosing what suit to wear. We like to be a bit bold during summer. You know, big plaids, and a splash of color. Like this suit here that comes from Sand Copenhagen. Bold, checked pattern with a splash of red in it. A good idea when wearing a suit like this is to tone it down a bit when choosing what tie to wear. And that is just the reason why we wear a jacket like this with a solid knit tie.

Light Tones And Seersucker

Talking about what colors to wear during summer we prefer lighter ones. Like cream white. Or beige. This blazer from Oscar Jacobson has been a favorite all summer long. Made of Seersucker fabric and in the perfect beige color. A blazer like this paired with a pair of cropped grey trousers, a complimentary knit tie and of course a likewise pocket square is another way to wear a tie during summer without looking like we haven’t checked the weather forecasts in ages.

Light Blue Striped Shirt

There is nothing that symbolizes summer like a light blue striped shirt. It’s one of those pieces that can be worn all summer long and will not be outdated due to the forever changing trends. To make the look even more summer-ish, we usually roll up the sleeves and put on an eye-catching tie and tie bar.

With Shorts

Okay. We prefer trousers to shorts every single day. But sometimes it’s just too warm if we are outside and on-the-go all day long, making it impossible to wear both a blazer and trousers. These days we do it like the above look. A pair of navy shorts, paired with a navy blazer, a light blue shirt and a striped preppy tie. Due to the casualness coming from the shorts add a pair of suede derby shoes to make it clear that you take this look seriously.

A Camel Suit

Yes. A favorite of ours for a long, long time. And it’s still cool. And it will be next year too, so you can easily invest in one right now (perhaps you can even find it on sale too). Again, the essential light blue striped shirt is on point here and just makes the suit look even cooler. Camel and navy is likewise a great color combination, why a navy tie is paired with this neat summer-uniform.

White Jeans And Light Blue Shirt

The well-dressed men of Wimbledon like white. So do we. White jeans are a perfect summer choice. Likewise, you can pair just about any color of shirt to it. We like to keep the look all bright, why we most often pair it with a light blue shirt. To keep the look casual, the knitted tie is the perfect companion to this look.