Style wise, we love the winter because of the many ways you can wear a tie. These are our five favorite ways when we want to dress up.

If you wear a tie more often than most, you should actually be pretty thrilled about winter. Why? Because of the many ways you can sport it. Think layers, think wool. Just think possibilities. Play with it – again, style has to be fun. We simply love the winter because of all of these things. A tie is so on point during these months. But of course, we have some favorites. So we thought it was about time to share them with you all. Perhaps you can use some tips and tricks on how to kill it style-wise. So here you have it, the five best ways to wear a tie during winter.

1. Wool on Wool

Yes, wool is for winter. It’s the fabric of the season – obviously. And actually, wool on wool looks amazing. So try to rock an all woolen outfit (at least, almost). For example, rock your favorite grey wool suit, pair it with a woolen cardigan and finish it with a great wool tie.

2. With a Gilet

Of course, this move is not for the days when the temperatures hit below zero. But all the other days, this will work. Playing with layers these months is so much fun and you can create some looks that you would never had thought of otherwise. When we first started seeing people rock gilets, we thought it looked pretty old-school (not in the good way). But then when we saw how people used it to make their blazers and tie-game come alive, we were hooked. It’s an easy way of giving your look some edge.

3. Denim as a Layer

We are pretty sure you have a denim jacket. Have you ever tried to wear it as a layer underneath your winter coat? If not, please do. Not only will it keep your ass warm as hell. It will also give you an edge over your competitors (and friends) style-wise. As we have mentioned so many times before, we love to rock formal together with informal and rugged. A tie and denim is one of these ways.

4. Use a Cardigan

Sometimes it can feel a bit tight to wear a blazer underneath your fitted coat. So instead, find yourself a great cardigan – for example in wool as mentioned earlier. It will actually look a bit like you rock a 3-piece suit, but just in a way more relaxed way. Look at this gentleman here – looks pretty solid, right? An easy way to show off those shirt-and-tie combinations of yours.

5. Underneath Your Favorite Winter Coat

The classic winter coat is of course an essential these months. Luckily, they look amazing paired with a tie. And it’s easy too. Just make sure the coat is fitted. Take yours to the tailor if you are in doubt. The sleeve length has to be right (a bit longer than the sleeves of your blazers), and the shoulders are supposed to be tight, so your proportions are not way out. When you have done this, it’s time to find the right shirt and tie to pair with your coat.