We all want to get more done in less time. These five tricks can help you with just that.


Living in 2018 it’s easy to get distracted. We got Instagram, Facebook, Health-apps, snaps coming in from friends, co-workers who come to discuss the latest soccer results etc. And we all know that distractions aren’t always very helpful when we need to get shit done. Though, we want it all, right? We want to be close to our friends all the time. We want our work to be flexible. We want to be out when the sun is finally here. The trick to all these things is to get things done when you work. As the famous mentor, Jim Rohn once told: ‘work when you work’ and ‘play when you play’. So how do we make sure that we work when we work? And that we get the most out of the time? We got a few suggestions after having researched and tried a few things (to say the least) ourselves.

1. Plan The Day Before

“The time you want the map is before entering the woods,” the productivity and performance coach, Brendon Burchard says. The same things goes for your work. Make a plan the day before what you need to accomplish. Put important things first. You probably already know what will give you the results you are looking for. Make sure you do these in the beginning of the day when your energy is still on top. Eat the big frog first, as Brian Tracy says.

2. Schedule E-mail

We all check our mails more times than we should. It’s like checking our Instagram- or Facebook-feed. However, look at your e-mail as other people’s agendas. You need to put your own agenda first. So try this for a week: choose three times a day you are allowed to check your e-mails and respond to these and schedule about 15-30 minutes each day to do this. By doing this, you are no longer simply responding to other peoples demands – you put yourself first.

3. Get Enough Sleep

You might have heard stories about successful entrepreneurs who worked so much that they didn’t have time to sleep. While it might be necessary to cut a bit of sleep sometimes, research have shown that it actually makes you dumber. Brain activities starts to slow and it makes you performance drop significantly over time. If you are ‘your own boss’ and don’t have to work strict hours, we suggest sleeping half an hour more and work half an hour less as you will be able to put in more efficient work in those working hours. If you have to be at the office say 8, try to go to sleep half an hour earlier. You can do it!

4. Work In Sessions

Your brain can only focus on a given task for X amount of time. Usually it’s between 40-60 minutes. After that your brain needs rest. And rest is not going to Facebook or Instagram. You need to be doing something different than looking into a screen. It can be stretching (might be weird if you are in an open office), it might be drinking a glass of water or walking a quick trip around the lake etc. So try this for the next period of time. Work in sessions: set an alarm for 45 minutes when you start to work. These 45 minutes you work with an intense focus. When the 45 minutes is up, close down your computer and walk way from it. Then take a walk or whatever the next 10-15 minutes. Then come back and do the same. You will see how much good work you can do in 45 focused minutes.

5. Stop Multitasking

We can’t multitask. It’s a myth. What you do is you switch focus and some studies have actually revealed that when doing so, your IQ drops massively. Have priorities, work on the important one first, and just take them one by one. You don’t write a very well business proposal while also talking on the phone or clearing your desk.