Italy and Spain rules the world of football style right now. At least if you judge by the managers. These are the best dressed managers in the world. 

Summer is over and all the best football’ers in the world are back on the pitch again. But just as impressive the players can perform, equal impressive is it how some of the managers dress when they stand on the side-lines. Footballs popularity has perhaps never been as high as it is right now. USA has started noticing the sports. Even China have so too. And because of the demands from all over the world and the new possibilities due to technologies, there is cameras making sure that the TV-spectators don’t miss a thing. And one is only pointing towards the sidelines to catch every single move and reaction from the managers and the bench. And given how much screen time they get, managers have started being much more aware about how thye dress. And of course, some do it better than others. We took a closer look at the biggest leagues in Europe to find the best dressed managers right now. And after taking a deeper look, it was obvious that two countries did better than all the rest. And because there were so many, we picked our four favorites to describe them a bit. But it was a close cigar, so we included some of the other well-dressed managers in the bottom.

Zinedine Zidane, Former Real Madrid

Not only did he make his Real Madrid team a record-winning team in literally no time, but he also knows how to dress. He is not one who makes it more complex than it is. A great suit – most often a dark, one-colored one – a classic shirt – white or blue – and a solid tie. When managing his team on cold days he has two timeless moves as well. Either he goes for a great coat or he wears a puffed gilet as a layer to his blazer. Winning manager, winning style.

Roberto Mancini, Italy

It would not be a complete list if we didn’t have at least one Italian Managers on here. The Italians know how to dress, and the current manager of the Italian National Team indeed knows how to do it. As most Italians he enjoys his fair share of accessories. From pocket squares and scarfs to watches and bracelets. And lets to say that he owns his fair share of great Italian suits. Just Google him to see that we are telling the truth.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City

Like Zinedine Zidane, Mr. Pep Guardiola has made quite a name for himself in a very short period of time. First with Barcelona, then Bayern Münich and now English giants, Manchester City. His style is equally impressive. But lets be honest; you can divide his style into two parts. The tailored version and the English version. After his switch to Manchester City he has started wearing less suits and more Hooligans-liked brands like Stone Island. We are not fans! So this is just a tribute to his good old way of dressing, the tailored version. Lots of great suits, always repping a tie and does layering very simple with his love for V-neck cardigans. Looks great every time as long as the suit is fitted.

Vincenzo Montella, Former Sevilla

Former Italian superstar striker and Milan Legend, now unemployed manager. But Mr. Montella knows how to get dressed. Again, of course – he is Italian (you see the theme already? It’s Spain vs. Italy in some way).  Great fitted suits, lots of white shirts and almost never without a tie when he is standing on the sidelines. We hope to see him back in one of the big leagues soon.

Other managers who also dresses well:

Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli

Luis Enrique, Former Barcelona

Joachim Löw, Germany

Paul Tisdale, MK Dons