Eating lunch in Copenhagen almost every day we have of course found our favorites. These are what we believe is the best places to have lunch in Copenhagen.

Working on the-go in Copenhagen means that we very often have to find a decent place to eat our lunch. In the beginning, this was a pretty difficult task because of the many possibilities. First of all we had to find out what food-mood were we in? Did we have a craving for sandwiches? Salad? A burger? So seriously, we have tested everything. Eating lunch in Copenhagen downtown 3-5 times a week, we had to. To make it not be this boring and unfulfilling thing every day. A couple of years into it, we have found our favorite places. Some are well-known, some are not. Some are old, some a new. But guys, next time you have to grab a lunch in Copenhagen, this is the best places to go if you ask us.

Burgers at YO’ BURGER 

Perhaps one of the best burgers in town. The bun is soft and butter-ish, the beef has great taste and the magic sauce they put in every burger is just amazing. We recommend the classic bacon-cheese, or if you are a avocado-lover like we are, the avocado-burger is definitely a must-try.

Find them at Gothersgade 27, Nørregade 2 or Østerbrogade 64.

Salads from Fredco’s Deli

Being on the-go all the time, it can be pretty difficult to stay healthy from time to time. Especially because there is a long way between good salads to affordable prices inside of Copenhagen. That’s why we are so thrilled about Fredco’s Deli as you not only get a great salad, but it also comes at a reasonable price point. We are here at least one time a week. If you are not into salads, their rye bread sandwiches are also pretty bad-ass.

Find them at Grønnegade 32 or Vesterbrogade 43.

Shawarma from Bobbabella 

We got a new favorite in town. Recently, Tivoli’s Food Hall opened up and non less than the boys from Michelin Restaurant, Kadeau, decided to open up their own grill bar. Serving burgers, salads and most importantly a Durum Shawarma, which got a very gourmet-ish spin why we have already visited this place several times.

Find them at Vesterbrogade 3.

Confit de Canard Sandwich from Ma Poule

We like Paris, we like France. And we like confit de canard. So of course, this sandwich is on top of our list of places when we have to decide where to get our lunch. Pretty simple with just some mustard, some greens, a baguette (of course, it’s french) and a big doze of confit de canard. Try it!

Find Ma Paule at Torvehallerne, Frederiksborggade 21.

Bánh Mi from District Tonkin

Want some exotic vibes in Copenhagen? Then you should go to District Tonkin to grab one of their famous Bánh Mi. The classic vietnamese sandwich is definitely a treat for your mouth and the atmosphere is just great.

Find them at Dronningsgens Tværgade 12 or Mikkel Bryggers Gade 2.