With three months left, it’s time to boost your productivity. These are the hacks recommended by leading performances coaches. 

Are you keeping track of your goals? Are they still there? Have you given up on your dreams? Or you need to do a lot more work to achieve those goals you set for yourself this year? Fear not. With three months left, you can still make a lot happen. But it requires that your productivity rises. So how do you do this? Well, we would put our money on the most prominent names when it comes to productivity, achieving audacious goals and living an extra-ordinary life. We have collected the three guys we believe are the top performance coaches in the world and these are the productivity hacks to use according to these magnificent people. Use one, use two or use them all. Just remember – if you want to change the outcome, you have to change your behaviour.

1. Create a Morning Routine – Tim Ferris

One of the most interesting names to Google when talking about business, entrepreneurship and productivity is Tim Ferris. The man who wrote the book ‘4-hour-work-week‘ (which we can highly reccomend, and please don’t get tricked by the title) is a huge believer in rituals. Especially in the morning. He got a bunch of things he does that perhaps can inspire you. What he explains is that his days are always pretty hectically. But he knows he can control his mornings to start the day right.

1. He makes his bed. Pretty simple, but it sets him in control from the early morning.

2. Then he starts meditating. It helps to release stress and tune in to what is most important.

3. Then he does 5-10 reps of any type of exercise to get the body started.

4. At the end, he journals for five minutes about the problems, tasks etc. that are in front of him.

2. The 50 x 5 Formula – Brendon Burchard 

If you want help to perform better, seek no one other than Brendon Burchard. He is one of the leading performance coaches in the world – and with an incredible amount of free Youtube-videos etc. it’s easy to find just what you need. His take on productivity is pretty easy. He uses a formula. Below are the five areas Brendon insists you must master in order to feel the vibrancy, joy and progress that you deserve in your life and that can help you get more shit done:

50 minutes more sleep: How consistently are you sleeping 7-9 hours per night?

50 minute morning power blocks: Do you activate your physical body with stretching or a workout every morning? And do you begin your day strategically planning or in reaction-mode responding to your emails, messages and demands of others?

50 minute block time: “Block Time” is a focus-management approach that requires “blocking out” significant amounts of time to advance or complete a major project in your life.

50 minute breaks: Do you take at least one standing break per hour when working or during times you are sitting? Do you move and stretch during that time?

50 minute renewals: Do you meditate or take a walk each and every single day on a consistent basis? What practice could you begin to reset your mind toward peace and freedom each day and how will you remind yourself to practice every day?

3. Plan, Purpose, Priorities – Tony Robbins

The motivational speaker, high performance coach etc. who have coached world’s leading figures such as Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams, Leonardi di Caprio, Andre Agassi, and the list goes on and on. Impressive – so of course, he knows a thing or two about how to make people perform. Here are his simple productivity plan:

1. Begin each day with a definite plan – don’t start by responding to e-mails or phone calls. Find our what you want to accomplish today.

2. Tap into the power of purpose – when you know why you want to do things, the how gets easier. Find our what motivates and drives you and tap into this every single day.

3. Set priorities – what is most important? Do that first.

4. Schedule blocks of time to work on your most important projects first – if you lock in time to work on specific projects, it’s more difficult to be pulled away from it by other people agenda’s and priorities.

5. Use the power of deadlines – set a deadline and stick to it.