Don’t think about yourself as a beanie-type-of-guy? Don’t worry. This is how to wear it while looking cool. 

We love a great beanie. And actually we just launched our very own collection of it right here. All made in wool and in slim silhouettes to make sure it compliments your finest tailoring.

For many years we have preached about how cool it looks when you rock a beanie together with a suit. It gives your outfit a whole ‘nother dimension to it as it adds some serious attitude to your outfit. And yes, now it’s actually OK to wear a beanie when you are inside (unless your office has a very strict dresscode, of course). But how do you actually wear it well? Where do you put it and how do you style it? Once again, we got your back, buddy. Here is our guide to how to wear a beanie.

1. Just On Top Of Your Ears

Some of the idea behind wearing the beanie might vanish by rocking it just on top of your ears, but nonetheless it looks super cool and is a pretty common way for the cool guys from the different fashion weeks to wear it. Though, when doing so, it’s vital that your beanie isn’t already oversized. If it is, it will just make your head look like its two metres long, and yeah – that doesn’t look super cool, does it?

2. Style It With Similar Colors 

Yes, it can be pretty cool sometimes to have this power-item that just it in a completely different color or style as the rest of your outfit, but if you want to rock a beanie in a clean and simple way, go for the tone-in-tone look. If you got a navy coat, choose a navy beanie. Or if your favorite suit is grey, try to pair it with a grey beanie. It’s simple, but it looks awesome every single time.

3. With A Suit-and-Tie

Can you really rock a beanie together with a suit-and-tie? YES! Hell yes, actually. Do it – we command you. We have talked about this over and over again, every single winter. As we said earlier, it gives the outfit a great dimension to it. Of course, make sure that it compliments it and not takes the focus away from your sharp tailoring. For example by choosing a beanie in a slim silhouette and simple colorways. At least, if you go for the safe option.

Need more inspiration? 

These are the basics. Know these and you won’t go wrong. However, there is no exact manuscript. It’s an art. So instead, we just found a bunch of cool photos that could help you on your quest to dressing better. Enjoy.