The new collection landed a couple of weeks ago. Our best collection ever. This is how we wear it ourselves. 

All photos by Victor Jones.

The new collection landed a few weeks ago and we love the feedback we have gotten since then. We get many questions from time to time on how we would style this, or how we would wear this, so we decided to make two editorials showing how we often find ourselves wearing our designs. We hope this can be a source of inspiration for you on how to incorporate the tie to your look on a daily basis.

A 3-Buttoned Suit

Two buttons on a blazer is probably the most common thing. And for good reason, it always works. However, sometimes we like to spice things up a bit. And an easy way of doing this is to wear one with 3 buttons instead. It makes it a bit more edgy, while giving many opportunities to how you can style it depending on how many and which buttons you decide to close. So perhaps next time you go look for a new blazer, have a 3-buttoned one in mind.

Rolled-Up Sleeves

We like to keep things casual when wearing a tie. The most simple way of doing this, if you ask us, is to roll up your sleeves on the shirt you are pairing the tie with. Here it’s actually a formal white shirt, but with the sleeves rolled up it really does not feel and look like one.

A Coach Jacket 

We have said this over and over again. A blazer is not the only jacket you can pair your tie with. We like the sporty feel you get when you pair a tie with a coach jacket like this one. Try to pair it with a knit tie and your favorite trousers. A great smart-casual outfit that will forever look cool.

The Grey Suit

That one suit that you can wear with pretty much everything. Pair it with a white button-down shirt and you are pretty much free to choose any tie you like. So if you have that one tie, you don’t know what to wear with, let this be the uniform. To spice the outfit up a bit, we styled it with our new navy silk tie with dashing red stripes.

The Stand-Out Tie 

A tie is something that all notice. So why not make it one that stands out as well? From the beginning of our brand’s establishment, we have loved to play a bit with that little piece of fabric we throw around our neck. Sometimes we like to make the details subtle and elegant, but doing this every time is simply just too boring for us. We like that people can see the effort we are putting into these ties. So our new Taped Styles and the two new knit ties with our significant stripes are once again an open love-letter to the stand-out tie.