We all need something to look up to. These men’s style is just that. Sartorial masterclass and who we want to dress like. 

Being inspired by someone or something is a great deal. It’s what makes us want to grow – become better. At whatever it is we want to become better at. Naturally, we always try to improve our style. And the easy way of doing that, is finding someone who dresses better than we do and learn from him. And these men do just that. But what is it that they do so well? Read on to find out what these men can learn us about getting dressed.

Color Pairing

It’s easy to see that this works. The amazing blue shirt paired with an awesome burgundy suit. And this is how to become a better dresser instantly. Knowing which colors to pair. I guess, you can write this in your style-book. Burgundy paired with blue, check! And see how he makes this outfit his very own by playing a bit with his shirt’s sleeves making his man-jewelry come to life. Well played!

Looking Natural in Pink

We have dreamt about wearing a pink shirt for years. However, it still something we haven’t done. Why? I guess, we just don’t find us to be natural while wearing it, which is perhaps the most important ingredient when getting dressed. However, this man here has mastered just that. He makes the pink shirt look seriously masculine by wearing a casual brown suit and a pair of matching suede loafers – of course with Italian socks (the sprezzature expression of going sockless). I guess, we have to try to integrate that pink shirt again. You dare too?

Go Double

The double breasted blazer. We wear it from time to time, but looking at these two gents, we really don’t do it enough. Sometimes it feels too much – too formal. However, when you see this picture, it’s really not formal at all. Despite wearing both a tie and pocket square. So guys – lets make double breasted blazers come to life again. You down?

Earth Colors

This is Michael Hainey. Former GQ-staff and editor. He knows how to dress and that is just what this picture proofs. What we like the most though, is how he rocks those earth colors. Green trousers, checked born coat, olive green hat, brown suede shoes and a burgundy scarf. And all these things that could be great worn separately, just makes the whole look come together. It’s effortless cool. So note to self: wear more earth colors – at the same time!

Make it Pop

We usually wear our pocket square neatly folded into a square and make it show about 1-2 cm. But these guys go all in! It’s not folded neatly and it is much more visible than just a couple of centimeters. And we love it! It creates a stark contrast to the fine blazers they are wearing. It makes it more artful. So this is how we are going to rock the pocket square more often from now on. Thanks for the inspiration, guys.