These are the essentials to follow you for a life-time. 

Like a solid navy knit tie and a striped silk tie are items that every man should have in his wardrobe, certain shirts are likewise corner stones in a modern man’s dressing opportunities. They all have different strengths and having these in your wardrobe opens up for so many ways of dressing each day. In this first part, we give you the three most versatile shirts a man can own – see which ties we would pair it with by holding your mouse over the picture, or swiping left if you are on the phone. Next week, we give you the next three that deserves a spot in your closet. 

The Button-Down

Though it was invented in the late 19th century for Polo Players, this style has now become primarily associated with the elegance of the Ivy League. The style has been immortalized by former US President, John F. Kennedy, and are perhaps the style that we wear the most here at the office. Button-downs are less formal than poplin shirts and tend to be cut from lightweight cotton, which make them perfect when dressing smart-casual. They can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Make sure when you choose one, that the collar length is appropriate to rock a tie. Many brands make the mistake that they create one with a very short collar that makes them impossible to wear when rocking a tie.While most shirts looks awful if they have not been ironed, this is actually a shirt than can be worn without it. Though, of course not if you are going for formal events (but you already know this, of course).

We recommend this one from Thom Browne – trust us, you will have this for a life-time (or at least almost) if you take good care of it. And after you have fallen in love with the white one, you can easily add a light blue one and a striped one into your closet. Pair it with your most preppy knit ties or elegant striped silk tie.

The Poplin

Every man should have an awesome poplin collar shirt. The one in a babyblue tone is our favorite. It’s the one shirt that you can wear to any occasions when you need to dress up: for a job interview, for a wedding, a funeral, a fund-raising event or anything in between that. That’s pretty awesome and should convince you to invest in one that you really care for. Made from plain-weave cotton, which means the threads cross over and then under each other, poplin is a smooth and durable fabric that’s silky to the touch. Remember to iron this perfectly before putting it on.

We simply love this one from the Parisien brand, AMI. The blue shade is just awesome. Pair it with a tie in another great shade of blue or with a light grey knit tie.

The Chambray

Chambray is not exactly like denim, which many believe. Chambray can be called Denim’s younger brother that tries to fix some of the flaws of the elder one. Denim can be difficult to wear during the summer as they are most likely made from a heavier fabric. In contrast, chambray is lighter and more breathable making it perfect to rock under a blazer. It’s smart enough to wear with your finest trousers while it’s casual enough to rock with your favorite par of denim when going more casual.

Despite this one from Danish NN07 is called a Denim Shirt, it is more correctly associated to one in chambray because of the lighter choice of fabric this one is made of. The mother of pearl buttons makes it an absolute stunner why this shirt should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Pair it with an awesome dark green tie or a solid colored knit tie.