A true British gentleman. This is how to get dressed like the style icon, Tom Hiddleston. Five neat ways of dressing better.

Are you ready for some true British style? You know, great fitted suits, handmade shoes, well-chosen accessories. It’s time to take a look at the British actor, Tom Hiddleston. Not because of any of his movie appearance such as in Thor, Kong and The Avengers, but because of his ability to wear a suit. It’s better than most, to say the least. He is a sartorial shark tank. Named as one of the best dressed men in the world by many of the famous magazines, and we couldn’t agree more. But how does he do it? He takes his suit seriously, it’s obvious. It’s tailored just right. It’s choosing the right tie. The right combinations. The right tie bars. Here are five lessons to learn from this amazing style icon.

1. Mixing Shades Of Blue 

A blue suit, a blue shirt and a blue/grey-ish knitted tie. Choosing just one color and then mixing different shades of it is a great way when suiting up. Even though that the colors do not match, they compliment each other to perfection. Here, the light blue shirt gives the darker suit a great contrast, and the tie makes it all come together. So next time you wear your navy suit, steal this look and you will be more than all right.

2. The Double-Breasted

We cannot think of many things as awesome as a great fitted double breasted suit. It’s perhaps the easiest way of stealing attention and standing out from the pack, even though all the others are wearing suits as well. Not many dare to rock these double breasted, which really is a shame – but exactly why you should do it. Just look how awesome Mr. Hiddleston looks in these. He really kills it.

3. When Extra Formal: 3-piece

Just like the double-breasted suit, rocking a three-piece is another great way of dressing different. Mostly suited for the more formal events if you ask us. But when you go out to one of these, please do it like this (or with a double breasted). Oh, and notice the tie bars. Essential! And Mr. Hiddleston knows it. The detail that matters.

4. Match With Solid Colors 

Dressing in a suit does not always have to be so damn difficult. You just have to know some of the basic combinations. Such as a grey suit paired with a light blue shirt. Or like this, a navy suit paired with dark brown/burgundy. The shades of the shoes and tie matches great, and the color of the suit goes very well with these.

5. Mix and Match

A way of getting more out of your wardrobe without having to buy more, is to mix and match. Your trousers from your suit is not restricted to only be worn together with that matching blazer. No, try to play with it a bit. Style has to be fun! Here, Hiddleston paired a dark trousers with a classic grey blazer. Pretty easy, right? It really is. If you have a grey suit and a navy suit, you actually have four combination now instead of just two. So no excuse for wearing the same damn thing over and over again.