The now former football’er, Xabi Alonso, does not only know how to kick a ball. He kills it with his sense of style. Here is the style tips to steal from him. 

We all need some inspiration and some learnings from time to time. This time it comes from football. Not the game itself, but from the now-retired, Spanish football’er, Xabi Alonso. For a long tim,e he has been one of our sources of inspiration due to his ability to rock the classics in an awesome way. So we decided to break his style down. Here is what we found and how to get the incredible style of Mr. Alonso.

1. A Good One-Colored Suit

You probably already got a one-colored suit in your wardrobe. The trick here is to choose the right color and fabric. Look at the two suits Mr. Alonso wears. One is grey, but in a bit more light grey than your average. Paired with a great brown tie and a white pocket square to make the look come to live. And the blue one on the right. It is not really classic navy . Instead, the color is a bit more playfull. This is how you stand out the office without making too much noise.

2. The Knitted Tie

Falling on the less formal end of the spectrum, knitted ties can be used to dress up casual looks or bring a relaxed air to tailored suiting. This piece will add personality to your look while still keeping things classic. This is what Xabi Alonso knows. Look how pairs the knitted tie together with a classic grey and black suit. It’s a winner every single time.

3. Color Pairing

Xabi Alonso knows how to get dressed. And that means, not only picking the right trousers, blazer or shoes. No, it means the whole package. What t-shirt to wear and what pair of trousers to wear it with. Look at the two outfits above. One is a tone-in-tone navy look. A classic that all men looks good in. Copy this. The style on the right is a bit more playful, but notice how great the earth tones play together with the dusted grey. A pair of light trousers does not necessarily call for a dark t-shirt. Play a little with the tones as long as they compliment each other.

4. A Good Coat

Every man should have a great coat. Invest in one – like really. You will see the difference right away. The fitting, the fabric. It’s just worth it. Pick a classic – a single breasted coat with three buttons or if you feel fancy, try a double breasted one. An Army Green one like the one Alonso is rocking on top is definitely a good choice this winter.

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