He might not win the NBA this year, but his style is a sure winner 

Okay, we have been obsessed with Lebron James and his style ever since he and his teammates decided to show up in Thom Browne from head to toe at every game during the play-offs. A style move we will remember forever. Not surprisingly it was Lebron James idea – or King James if you want. He has been wearing Mr. Browne’s designs for a long time like he has been into fashion as well for the most parts of his career. So lets take a look at his style, to see how he actually dress – and especially, how he dresses up – shall we?

1. Mastering The Details

Wearing a suit is easy. Wearing a suit the right way can be a bit more tricky. You have to be able to master the details. The tie, the tie bar and pocket squares. Mr. James knows this. Just see at the picture above. His tie compliments both the blazer and the shirt. Likewise, he chose a clean tie bar that makes just the right amount of noise. And see the pocket square. It really does not match any of his items, however it compliments both the navy tie and the navy blazer due to the navy borders of the pocket square. Well done!

2. Loafers

We have said it over and over again. Loafers are some of the coolest shoes you can wear. Period. At all times. With your distressed jeans and with your suit. Lebron knows this too. And the loafers together with his cropped trousers and camel double-breasted blazer are just perfect.

3. Knitted Ties

Lebron is known for his sport. So it is perhaps a pretty straightforward decision for him to wear a knitted tie. Why you ask? Well, because it is the perfect balance item when you want to dress up, but still look casual. And notice again – he is of course wearing a pocket square together with the suit. As should you every single time.

4. The All Grey Look

Of course his Thom Browne look is on this list. How could it not be? But you can use to for some inspiration. The tone in tone look is so cool that it’s actually a shame we don’t do it more than we do. A grey suit, paired with a cardigan in a different tone of grey and finished off with a tie in yet another grey tone. Damn, it looks fly!

5. A Great Versatile Jacket

We should all have a jacket we can wear with basically anything and it will look good. Quality is a keyword here. Find some great jacket in a high quality material. Such as a leather jacket like this one. Or a suede bomber jacket. Jackets like these looks just as cool with a white t-shirt as they do with a clean white shirt and a great tie.