The places that makes even Copenhagen’ers want to take some days off and feel like a tourist.

Photo Courtesy: Hotel Sanders

The fact that Copenhagen has become a town that people pretty much all over the world talks about is not to discussion. Our beloved Danish capital has probably never been cooler and more hyped than it is today. Thanks to the overwhelming number of amazing restaurants, fashion shops, interior, coffee-places etc. Copenhagen is now on top of many people’s list regarding the coolest cities in the world. Despite that we live here in Copenhagen, it’s easy to fell in love in the city all over again. And these hotels really make us want to take some days off and live the life of a tourist in Copenhagen. Or to be honest, we would pretty much stay in at these hotels every single minute of our “trip”. They are that good. So next time you want to have some time off in Copenhagen, go to one of these – what we believe is the coolest hotels in Copenhagen.


Photo courtesy: Nobis

In 2015, the owner Alessandro Catenacci opened the doors at Nobis. With a love for modern design and architecture it’s pretty difficult to criticize the interior and decoration of the hotel. The two pictures on top shows it pretty clear. Nothing is left to coincidences here. All details are thought of. And we could spent all day in the amazing lounge at the hotel, while looking forward to treat all of our senses when eating at their restaurant called ‘Niels’. Located just near Tivoli at Niels Brock Gade 1.

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Photo Courtesy: Brøchner Hotels

SP34 is perhaps the coolest boutique hotel in Copenhagen. With a unique location on Sankt Peders Stræde the hotel has this chill vibe words can’t explain – but you will indeed feel it when you enter this lovely place. With its three restaurants, the most difficult decision you have to make is probably which of the restaurants you are going to eat at. And before dinner, we suggest picking up a glass (or lets just be honest, a bottle) of wine at the bar and enjoy life while looking at the stunning fireplace that is placed in the middle of the lounge.

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The Krane

Photo Courtesy: The Krane

Perhaps the most innovative “hotel” in Copenhagen. Formerly used as a coal crane, it’s now an amazingly decorated hotel. With its surroundings in the old industrial harbour of Nordhavn, The Krane has an amazing view of the sky, sea and harbour and has this wonderful panoramic view over Copenhagen. It’s an intimate one-room hotel for two and must definitely be the coolest and most unique place to have a little getaway with your beloved one.

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Photo Courtesy: Hotel Sanders

A hotel of casual luxury set in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic quarter. The owner Alexander Kølpin says he wants stepping into the hotel to be like stepping into a theater, where ‘the scenography, the carefully curated interior of the hotel and the generous hospitality of our staff members will exceed expectations, and the guests will always take center stage.’ And the setting and interior will indeed make you feel like you are in the center of something special. And do yourself a favor and grab your favorite cocktail at their bar – the bartenders know their stuff, trust us.

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