The items we can’t leave home without. This is our summer holiday essentials.

Summer is here. Actually it has been here for some months now and the weather (here in Copenhagen) has never been better. If you like it warm and sunny, that is. But no summer without a little trip or two. This year we are headed to Spain to spend some days in their beautiful cities such as Barcelona and Valencia, and of course dip our toes into the water on the many amazing beaches they got. So what do we actually pack for a trip like this? Lets show you. These are the items that will do the trick this summer.

1. Morjas Cream Espadrille

Espadrillos are for summers. And if not for summer holidays, what then? These suede ones makes other espadrillos look like something that is only appropriate for the beach. But these you can easily wear when walking the lovely streets of Barcelona. Morjas, you got us hooked! Find it here.

2. The Short Sleeved Shirt

We can’t live without one of these in this heat. You can find all sorts of patterns and colors when looking for one, but recently this one from River Island has won the race. Wear it when going to the beach paired with your swim shorts or pair it with your smart shorts, this shirt does the trick. Find it here.

3. Incotex White Shorts

Like a short sleeved shirts, it’s difficult to survive a summer holiday without shorts. We prefer ours simple and that is just what these ones are. Actually, they are perfect simple – cut in cotton and the white color makes it possible to pair just about any shirts and t-shirts together with it. Now that’s what we call smart packing. Find them here.

4. Prada Sunglasses 

It’s hard to find the perfect sunglasses. That’s why we got more than one pair. It all depends on the look you want to have. Recently, we have beenobsessed with Aviator-styles. There is just something cool and laid back about them. These ones from Prada are just perfect. The shape, the details and the color of the glasses. Get them here.

 5. Uniqlo Linen Shirt

Besides the pool and the beach, nothing quite keep us cold like a linen shirt does. If you haven’t already, you used try to wear one. All of the sudden wearing a long sleeved shirt during summer is as easy as it gets. Pick one in a bright color like this great lightblue one. Get yours here.

6. H&M Edition Swim Shorts 

Yes, we are going swimming. And we want to look cool while doing so. H&M has for many years created some of the coolest ones if you ask us – especially when talking swim shorts that wont empty your pockets. These ones are simply amazing, and you can shop them right here.

7. The Striped Knitted Tie

No vacay without a tie. When going on holidays, we always pack in case we need to go somewhere special. It might be a great restaurant. It might be a night out on a fancy bar. Or we just need to feel sharp again after spending all day chilling on the beach. But we still want to signal that we are on vacation, why we go for a knitted tie instead of one in silk. It’s just a bit more casual, and it works to our casual shirts such as the one in linen. This one will do the trick!