Welcome to the AN IVY Gift Guide. To make the festive period even more awesome, we compiled the perfect selection of pieces to make sure you find the appropriate gifts – whether it is for you or it is for your loved ones. We have divided the gifts into several categories where each one represents a certain taste and style that fits into the different kinds of man. So whether you define yourself as ‘Mr. Night Out’ or you have to find something for ‘The Well-Groomed Man’, you are certain of finding something that fits just perfect.

The Well-Groomed Man:


The guy who always smells nice, has a razor-sharp haircut and has an envious clean face. He is one who always seems on point, even during the morning before his cup of joe. Being one yourself, or having to buy something for this type of guy, is not easy. It’s quality over quantity, and it is about trusting the classics, however, still wanting to keep up with times. Make his holiday perfect buy adding a new favorite-scent to his collection, the Byredo ‘Gypsy Water’.  Support his fresh breath with the famous Italian Toothpaste-brand, Marvis. Or what about a new morning routine with this awesome Pyjamas from Magasin.

During the day, Mr. Well-Groomed wants to have a touch of luxury, nicely done by the hand-soap from Aesop. When he goes out he prefers modern and classic colors such as Grey and Navy. When going business-casual he goes for the classic Navy Knit Tie and when attending to more fancy night out he adds a Navy Silk Tie with elegant stripes with a fresh Striped Pocket Square in his blazer. His cash are held fashionable by a Zip Wallet in Italien Leather.

The Outdoor Man

Mr. Outdoor might live within the city, but in his freetime he loves to enjoy the beautiful mother nature. Perhaps he goes hunting, perhaps he goes into the wild nature and captures awesome Instagram-shots, or he just enjoys the fresh air. What is important when buying a gift to this guy, or finding the right gift for yourself, is to take practicality serious. Luckily practical and stylish now goes hand in hand. An awesome Flannel Shirt from Gant Rugger paired with a Black Knitted Tie is a winning combo. Paired with a nice, dark-grey Chelsea Boot from Danish Garment Project.

Spoil Mr. Outdoor with premium sound from B&O PLAY while only drinking the best of the best, Snaps from the lovely Danish girls behind the premium liquor brand, Til DelsGloves and beanie from H&M while he can stay organized with a Army Green Cardholder or a Black Zip Wallet in Italian Leather.

The Grey-is-Good Man

Sometimes simple is the most difficult one. Because how do you add something new to the guy (or yourself) that really fancy the classic menswear colorway, Grey, and already got almost everything? Don’t worry, you got some pretty cool options here. How about switching the classic grey cardigan or sweatshirt with this awesome Zip Cardigan in Merino Wool from danish minimalist-makers, Armoire Officielle? Or add a both fashionable and sophisticated touch to your everyday uniform with glasses from Kaibosh.

Add a Triwa Bracelet for the wrist and a Zip Wallet for the pockets. To ensure good vibes and tunes go for the transportable speaker from B&O PLAY. When going out there is two options depending on the happening: an awesome Knit Tie or a fancy Silk Tie. Once again, the Marvis Toothpaste is in order.

The Classic (Modern) Man


The newest gadgets or the latest trends is not for this guy. No, Mr. Classic believes a lot in the essential menswear pieces that has stood the test year after year, decade after decade. He puts his faith in what has gone before. Things such as a sharp Blue Button Down Shirt, a Dashing Striped Tie and Clean Silhouette Sneakers.

Spoil his ears with a Perfect, Black and Wireless headphones that will last for years and a Good Read from Monocle for the silent nights. Believing in a small color palette he can rock a French Striped Pocket Square while staying organized with a Tan Pebblegrained Cardholder. When dressing up for a night out he likes rocking what others don’t while still not being to flashy, why his tie choice is a Burgundy Silk/Linen Tie with subtle details.

The Always-Going-Out Man

We all have that one person in our close network that always seems to be going out to fancy events. If not, perhaps you actually are the one in your gathering? But what do you give to this guy? He got all fancy clothing already. Well, why not just give him that extra extravaganza (get it?) in his life.

For example with this awesome Velvet Tuxedo Jacket from SPO Copenhagen (in stores only). While being on the topic of the once-again-cool fabric, Velvet, give him one of our two Velvet Bow Ties that are made in a oversized silhouette to make it even more awesome. If you think this is too bold, stay classy with a sharp White Shirt from Eton and a Oversized Silk Bow Tie. To spoil his feet consider the essential Black Brogues from GANT. For Mr. Night Out the ending details are very important. Thus play it cool with a Clean White Pocket Square and a Toothpaste with an awesome liquorice taste.