From great coffee and croissants to granola and waffle sandwiches. These are the places to get the first meal of the day in Copenhagen.

We love a good start of the day – and boy, does this require something good to eat and drink. While many tends to skip breakfast (somehow this has become a thing these times), we go the opposite direction. Having breakfast outside of the house is an under-appreciated happening. Ever since brunch became a thing, we stopped digging the simple things. All of the sudden we needed 5-7 different things when we went out for the first meal of the day, and usually this was after 10am. It doesn’t have to be this big a thing. A freshly baked croissant goes a long way. So does the perfect yoghurt paired with fresh fruits and granola. So lets make this a thing again. Breakfast outside of the house. Here is our guide to the best places to wake up and get the first smell of coffee.

Café Atelier September

Photo Courtesy: @atelierseptember (instagram)

Many Copenhagen’ers knows this place. And for good reason. The place with the big windows located on Gothersgade got their rather small menu on point. Quality, dishes with some portion of innovation and a beautiful, minimalistic and rustic interior design. A place where it is easy to walk in, order a yoghurt with granola (which we highly recommend) and then begin working on whatever there is on your to-do list.


Photo Courtesy: Hyggestund 

You might have heart the name ‘Mikeller’ before. Yes, the man brewing beer. Well, he opened up a breakfast place. Might not be the thing that goes hand-in-hand with beer, but we must say this place is a winner with its rather untraditional menu. If you are scared of calories, don’t go here. And unless you are hitting the gym basically every single day, its perhaps not the most healthy everyday hangout spot. But you should come here from time to time. The menu range from waffle(sandwiches), homemate donuts and spicy fried chicken. What they refer to as ‘the perfect hangover spot‘. When hitting this place at Viktoriagade, go for something with waffles. It’s a sure thing.

108: The Corner

Photo Courtesy: @thecorner_108 (instagram)

Noma had had one long winning-streak. Then in 2016 they opened up a restaurant you could call ‘the littlebrother’, with the name, 108. While 108 is mainly focused on dinner, they opened up a coffee- and wine-place at the same location just at the corner, hence the name. We went here for the first time a little time ago, and we must say, this was for sure one of the best cortados we have had in our life. Served together with french pastries, this place is one we keep getting back to. After having your first breakfast served here, trust us, you will too. Oh, and make sure you get the Instagram-friendly ‘Apple-salad’.


Photo Courtesy: @granolacafe (instagram)

Paris in Copenhagen. That is basically the feeling you get when you walk into the café located on the visited and lovely street of Værnedamsvej. A place that is just as cool during the first hours of the day as it is at night where it turns to a restaurant and later a bar where you can get your Espresso Martini-fix handled. With it’s pretty classic breakfast menucard, there is something for most. The oatmeal is amazing if you ask us, and so is the croissant.


Photo Courtesy: Mirabelle Bakery

Turning our heads to the more trendy part of Nørrebro, the place we find ourselves visit the most here is Mirabelle. With its amazing black-and-white floor, the decoration in this place is on point. And so is the Egg Benedict here, which is pretty much what we order every single time. If you are not that hungry, the croissant here is world-class.