Italy is known for many things. Football and fashion for example. Here is the best dressed Italian football players ever. 

Carlo Ancelotti (left), Paolo Maldini (middle) and Alessandro Costacurta (right).

This week, we will have a focus on Italy. And what is Italy known for? Well – many things. Football is one. Fashion is another. And here, the two goes together as we look at the best dressed Italian football players ever. You probably know most of them and how they play football, but did you know how well these guys actually dress? Likewise, the hairstyles of these guys is on point. Lets take a look.

Andrea Pirlo

We miss this man. Not only for his elegant style on the pitch, but also his impressive look during the press conferences. He’s got this extremely italian look. Long, dark hair with an intense look. We love how he chooses his jackets and accessories and how he masters the art of smart-casual. Here are some of his best looks we could find online.

Graziano Pellé

The Italian striker that are now playing in China, where he admits that the money was the decisive factor behind this move. But the move(s) we mostly admire him for is the ones that has to do with fashion. He might not have Pirlo’s abilities when it comes to playing football, but when it comes to getting dressed, Pellé knows what he is doing. Just have a look for yourself right here.

Claudio Marchisio

The Italian footballer who have played for Juventus all his life, likewise dresses the all Italian-way. That means blazers, ties and loafers all the way. When playing together with Pirlo in Juventus, it was probably the best dressed midfield in the world. Currently, he is rumoured to takes his career outside of Italy – but he’ll probably take his Italian style with him.

Paolo Maldini

If we could look like him when we are 40+ years of age, we wouldn’t complain much. And he sure knows how to match his pretty face with some amazing clothes. Classic and timeless is the two words that pops into our minds when we take a look at the Milano-legend’s style. The next thing we think off is, does he ever have a bad hair day? Hmm…

Gianluigi Buffon

One of the greatest goalkeepers of all time is also one of the best dressed men in football of all times. The world of football will forever miss him when he decides to stop. Lets hope that the way he was send off when his team, Juventus lost to Real Madrid in the quarter finals of Champions League A legend like him deserves better. Like his dressing style deserves credit, which we give him now.