The Essentials: Chinos

The timeless pants loved by most and indeed one of our favorites. But how to style them for the best look? Which ones to buy? We got you. 

Photo: Mr. Porter

Having deep roots within the preppy way of dressing, the chinos are for sure one of our favorite trousers. The style is named after the twill weave from which they’re made, which was first manufactured in China at the end of the 19th century and were first designed for British and French military uniforms. Today, they are the anchor in the Ivy League-look: a button down shirt, a knitted tie, a blazer and the chinos. And for good reason, it’s the chinos that really complete this outfit. But how to style them and which ones to buy? Read along and step up your game.

How To Style Them:

For long, the chinos have played a vital part for us men when we are getting dressed. It’s easy to see why as they look good with your favorite navy blazer, and at the same time looks good with your simple plain t-shirt. But that does not mean that there aren’t some best practices when it comes to how you style them. Here are our 3 tips on how to make the most out of your chinos:

1. Use Light Colors

Most often, you will be wearing your chinos during the summer time, so please dress the part. When rocking your favorite brown chinos, use other light colors such as beige and other light brown shades, light grey and light blue. Doing so, you will be the master of summer style.

2. Pair them with white

Pairing your chinos with your white sneakers is a smart move. It’s clean, simple and casual. Great way of adding another dimension if you are rocking a shirt and a blazer on top.

3. Power Up

Being more relaxed beneath because of the chinos, you can now dress up without being too much. Also on your everyday. Typically, we would recommend your knitted ties to compliment it. And as this well-dressed dude up here, pair your trousers with your loafers when doing so – to switch up your white sneakers. It’s an instant winner.

4. Put On Your Blue Blazer

It’s the ultimative preppy look. A pair of chinos (preferable in a light color) paired with a blue blazer. It will never fall short on impressing and should be your go-to move when in doubt.

Which ones to buy?

If you don’t already have a pair of great chinos – or you just want some new ones – which ones do you go for? We usually recommend 3 colors: beige, navy blue and olive green. They simply work with everything in your wardrobe (or at least most) and the compliments most men. Here are the three pair we recommend:

Officine Generale Beige Chinos

NN07 Navy Chinos

Gap Green Chinos