The items that will instantly make you dress better this winter. Amazing woolen ties and pocket squares.

Clothing: Oscar Jacobson

Model: Jon Hjelholt

Photos: Victor Jones

It’s getting colder and colder. It’s getting darker earlier. Yes, winter is approaching. However, that is not all bad, if you really think about it. Finally, we can bring out one of our favorite materials, wool. Our wool coats, wool beanies, wool scarves etc. is not jus things that keeps us warm, it’s also the stuff in our wardrobe that make us look our best. But that’s items you wear when you are outside. It’s easy to dress accordingly to winter then. But how do one dress for winter when you are not outside? When you sit in your office or are out with the boys? The answer is pretty easy. Wool ties and wool pocket squares. It’s the two items that can help elevate that winter style in seconds.

It will instantly turn your all-year-around suit into a winter-appropriate one. Think about it. Most of us wear the same clothing all year long. Okay, of course we don’t wear shorts and linen shirts during winter, but we often wear the same suits, the same jeans, the same blazers, the same shirts – you get the point. And that is exactly why you should do something different with your accessories when the season changes. And wool, that’s for winter. Let us introduce to you, how we believe a woolen tie should look like. From great classics with a modern spin to ties that has an incredible cool old-school vibe. We hope you like them just half as much as we do.

The Patterned Wool

A grey wool tie is just one of those timeless classics. Add an awesome pattern to it and it just gets better. An easy way to add a bit of texture to your one-colored suits. Will look especially good when paired with a navy or grey suit.

The Green Wool & The Navy Wool

Solid colored ties will never let you down. Green is perhaps one of the key colors this winter. It looks great paired with most colors which makes it incredible easy to integrate into your wardrobe. A navy wool tie is likewise a sure thing. But this isn’t just the average navy wool tie. Inspired by the famous Donegal Wool from Ireland, there is small contrasting colors woven into the wool, which give the tie a lovely edge from the all-solid navy tie.

The Good Old Wool

A tie that pays tribute to the good old days when most men wore a tie in a daily manner. The houndstooth pattern is perhaps cooler and more relevant than ever. And it sure makes an awesome tie as well! Paired with a navy or brown blazer, this will make heads turn. It’s that good.

The Pinstripe Wool

Again – a grey wool tie has stood the test of time. And for good reason too. This one comes with great toned pinstripes which make the tie balance both the formal and the more rugged and cool look perfectly. This tie paired with your most crisp white shirt and a pair of grey trousers will make you the coolest cat in town.