The bobbles to drink right now. Because Champagne might be the best thing to drink when celebrating. 

There is always a good reason for poppin’ a bottle of champagne. If not, make one up. There is nothing that gets us in the mood of celebrating like a good bottle of these fine wines. But finding the right bottle from this famous region of France is not always as easy as it should be – especially not if you are on a budget. So once again we turned to our good friends from Erik Sørensen Wine and their sommeliers and asked for help. And as always, they delivered. Actually, they delivered big time. Because this time, they wanted to give you the possibility to dive into the world of wine with an awesome discount code for you. So next time you are in need of great wine – and aren’t we always that? – use the discount code ‘ANIVY‘ at and grab a 15% discount. What’s not to love here? And just to make it really clear – no, we don’t get some sort of percentage from the sale, this is just pure public service. You are welcome!

…. But now, back to the most important thing here. The Champagne. These are the bottles to start poppin’ asap.

Champagne Bonnaire, Brut Blanc de Blancs, Grand Cru Cramant

Made of 100% chardonnay, this Champagne has both a great mineral complexity paired with lots of great fruit, sweetness and acidity. It’s a creamy wine and has all that a great champagne needs.

Price: 350 DKK – shop now

Champagne Henriot, Brut Souverain, Reims

Henriot knows how to make Champagne. The wine critics love him – so does the sommeliers from Erik Sørensen Wine. Apparently, good Champagne often take some time we were told. And that is just what Henriot gives this wine. It is bottled three years before even making it to the stores. So you can be certain that this wine has gotten all the love an attention that it needs before it’s being released. You get an elegant Champagne with floral notes and fresh citrus aromas. It’s complex and has a nice body.

Price: 370 DKK – shop now

Champagne Franck Pascal Brut Nature, Fluence

Franck Pascal wants to make good wines that are also good for the nature. So you can drink this Champagne and feel that you are supporting mother earth. This Champagne is made with an all biodynamic approach. The result is a stunningly and pure wine that is all dry and super fresh. The danish food magazine, Gastro loved it and even gave it a 5-star rating. So you don’t need to fear that this is some sort of weird, nature wine that will leave your guests confused. A champagne with an apricot-like nose and a long, and awesome finish.

Price: 450 DKK – shop now 

2014 Siós Brut Rosé Reserva, D.O. Costers del Segre (the detour)

Yeah, this is a detour. Because it’s not Champagne. This is bobbles from Spain to be accurate. But sometimes we need to broaden up our perspective. Or at least that was what Erik Sørensen told us. And after tasting this, we couldn’t agree more. What we got was this beautiful rosé sparkling wine with an amazing structure. It’s clean, has a long finish and gave us notes of fruit like peaches and pears. The grapes are selected by hands and are cooled down in four days before pressing the grapes. And Henriot, these winemakers from Spain know that it needs time before it is perfect why the wines are first stored for 18 months before bottled, and after they are bottled they give the wine 24 months more. Try it, you won’t regret the investment. And with a 15% discount off. Bang!

Price: 230 DKK