The color of the summer. Royal Blue – what the style icons turns to when the sun is out. This is how you wear it.

Looking outside of our windows right now (at least here in Copenhagen), it can be difficult to understand that the spring and summer is actually pretty close. Or at least it should be. We look forward to many things that the summer has to offer, however, one that really came to mind when we talked about it the other night while longing after warmer days, was the fact that we once again could wear one of our favorite colors again: Royal Blue. Think a bit more bright and powerfull than the traditional navy shade you probably wear so often.

You can call this shade of blue many colors: Azure, Klein French etc and it comes in many shades. But what you call it does not matter – how you wear it does though. That’s why we put this little handy guide into play, so hopefully you can get started wearing this amazing color and see all the beautiful things it does to your look.

1. Wear It With A Navy Tie

Every man should have a navy tie in his wardrobe because of the versatility of it. And due to the lighter tone of the Royal Blue the tie works as a great compliment for it. Perfect attire for both a business meeting taking place during the summer and summer weddings. And when going for this look, don’t forget the pocket square (we inserted the pocket squares we would rock to this look into the picture).

2. Pair It With A Pale Blue Shirt

On the picture you see the streetstyle-famous Italian Menswear God, Lino Leluzzi. He actually runs a menswear shop in the streets of Milano that we highly recommend to visit next time you are near. One thing is certain after having browsed through thousands of streetstyle pictures with Mr. Leluzzi: He likes wearing a double breasted blazer, he smokes like hell, but more importantly he knows how to pair a blazer with a shirt. So just take it from him. When wearing a Royal Blue Jacket, pair it with a pale blue shirt like the one he rocks.

3. Pair Them Together

Take a closer look at the picture here. What you see is the different shades of Royal Blue: a darker one (his jacket), a classic one (the shirt) and a lighter one (his watch strap). And boy, does this look good. We could rock this look every single day during the summer and it will never look dull. Pairing it with white trousers is likewise a very good choice, if you ask us.

4. Switch Fabrics

What the three gentlemen on this picture do so good are not exactly how they put their clothes together, despite it being pretty damn cool (especially those brown suede shoes to that blue suit). But looking a bit closer, you can see that the fabric of their suits are not the classic suit-fabric. No, it’s more lightweight and the shoulders on the jackets are unconstructed. Because of this, the guys do not look like they are about to head back to the board room-meeting. So try this next time you are looking for a suit: try one of those cotton suits, or even suits made of linen. They will have a much more casual appeal, while still setting you up for success.