We know, it can be a jungle – choosing what collar to go for when shopping for new shirts. There are so many different styles all with different names – where to start and what to look for? Don’t worry, once again we are here to help you. And you don’t need to know them all, you just need to know the corner-stones. Here is everything you need to know about the 5 key collar styles, a bit of history and which collars complements what outfits.


First of all, there is no true right or wrong when picking collar. Some say you should choose collar depending on what kind of face you have to counterbalance. For example if you have a longer face you should wear a spread collar. Really, it doesn’t have to be this complex. Picking collar should be fun and it should tell something about your personality and style.

Second of all, it doesn’t have to be either one or the other. Actually it should be the opposite. Play a little with collars, have some different styles to wear at different occasions. For example a neat button-down shirt when going business-casual and an awesome club colllar when going truly preppy. Don’t know these names yet? Don’t worry, after this article you can (un)officially call yourself a pro.

The Button-Down Collar


The button-down collar was invented for Polo-players to make sure the collar didn’t flip while going strong. Now it’s one of the most known collars in fashion. For us, it’s one of our absolute favorites, and it’s almost always our go-to collar when dressing. An easy way of adding a little of sprezzatura to your look. Popularized by John F. Kennedy in his prime and now style-icon, Nick Wooster, says it is his always-go-to-collar-style. What is extremely important when shopping for this kind-of shirt is the proportion of the collar. What most brands do wrong is they make them too narrow and too low. Why is this a bad thing, you say? Because it looks terrible when adding a tie in there because there is not enough room for it. So make sure to try it on with a tie before copping.

We can gladly recommend Brooks Brother’s or Gant Rugger’s. Just a perfect-sized collar.

The Club Collar


From long distance you can spot a club collar. It’s the round, beautiful collar that adds a dimension of playfullness and youth. It’s the essence of preppy-ness. The style goes long back to the time people wore hats, called each other ‘sir’ and men wouldn’t leave the house without a 3-piece-suit. It’s the synonym of the old, traditional english boarding schools. Due to the roundness of the collar it can give you a less stiff look due to the lack of the harsh lines like the other traditional collars.

A beautiful all-white or light-blue club collar is always great, and if you want to take your preppy-ness to new heights, you should find a blue shirt with a white club collar. The one and only, Ralph Lauren, is the master of this style.

The Point Collar 


The Point Collar is the classic business-collar. Known for it’s long and soft wings and works perfectly with a tie. Opposite to the button-down-collar, this shouldn’t be your go-to style when going a bit more casual. This type of collar is the one you should go for when having an important meeting, a round birthday or even a wedding. If you ask us, Eton, is the perfect brand to choose for this style.

The Spread Collar


Another classic collar for formal shirts. The Duke of Windsor preferred these to make room for a bigger tie-knot – to which he later gave his own name, you know, the Windsor Knot. And it is an amazing type of collar when adding on a tie. The collar is angled towards the wearer’s sternum and collarbone. There are so many different styles of this, you can an Italian Spread, Semi Spread, British Spread etc. Just go for what-ever you like, however the classic Spread or Semi-Spread is always good. Find yours from Freeman Sporting Club.

The Cutaway Collar


Italians – like style-legend, Lino Lelluzi above – love this one. It’s the extreme version of the spread collar we just talked about. The angles is now pointed to your shoulders. The cutaway collar takes its name from the fact that it literally looks like someone “cut away” part of the fabric. Not an everyday style-move – a shame if you ask us – but take a quick google search and you can see how David Beckham looks amazing when wearing on of this. And so would you, trust us. Due to it’s Italian feeling, you should of course get yours from the beloved Italian brand, Canali.