There is multiple possibilities when it comes to pair your shirt and tie. However, there is some classics that always looks good. Here is five of our favorites.

Choosing the right shirt and tie combination is an art. There is so many ways that work. Sometimes, even the ones you think will never work actually do. And sometimes you think you have a killer-combination ready, but when you pair the two the result is just awful.

Lets admit it: we are not always in the mood for experimenting. Especially not monday morning. So what to do? Back to the basics. But what are the basics when you talk about shirt and ties? A white poplin shirt is pretty solid. You can pretty much wear it with anything and pair any tie together with it. But what if you are not in the mood for sporting a plain white shirt? The solution is this guide. Five bullet proof shirt and tie combinations. They will win every time. As long as you knot a tight knot, have the correct length and have a shirt that actually fits you.

So here it is – your guide to winning the shirt and tie-game:

1. A White Oxford Button Down Shirt + Anything

The white oxford button down shirt is perhaps the easiest shirt to pair a tie with. Because you know why? It can work with just the matter of anything. It works with your most flashy silk tie just as much as it works with your solid knitted tie. And this is why we always state that every man should have at least one white button down shirt in his closet. But be sure that the length of the collar is long enough to wear a tie. Often, many shirt-makers actually make the length of the collar too small to wear a tie, why it looks awful when trying to do it anyways.

2. A Striped Shirt + A Striped Tie

Stripes on stripes. It works. Mixing patterns can be difficult why we suggest keeping proportions. For example don’t wear a polka dotted tie together with a checkered shirt. Most men love a striped shirt. And they love a striped tie. In this case – how awesome is it that the two of them is a perfect match? Try it – it can become your next power move at the office.

3. A Denim Shirt + A Navy Tie

We have long talked about the denim shirt and the power it has in your wardrobe. And if you put it together with another shade of blue when picking your tie, we prefer navy, you got yourself a winning combination. A tone-in-tone look at its finest.

4. A Pink Shirt + A Black Tie

Admitted, the pink shirt is not the most used one in our own wardrobe. However, it’s there and when we take it out from the hanger, we prefer pairing it with a black tie. Because the pink shirt can seem a bit flashy why it needs to be toned down a bit. And nothing plays it down better than a great black tie.

5. A Light Blue Shirt + A Grey Knit Tie

Lightblue and grey just always works. Your favorite grey blazer looks awesome together with a light blue shirt. And your light blue shirt looks amazing with a grey knitted tie. The two colors compliment each other so well, that this is perhaps our own most beloved combination.