If we have to name just one city as our favorite – besides Copenhagen – it will probably be Paris. The french capital got it all: romantic streets, great architecture, food, wine, drinks fashion, old Vespa’s. In sum, Paris has everything. As one part of the founder-team (Nikolaj) has lived there for quite some time, also one of the reasons why we love the tri-colore so much, we know a bit about the city. Where to go, what to see and where to eat. So we figured you might want to know as well. So here it is, the AN IVY Travel Guide to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris.

Where To Get breakfast: Buvette

The Manhattan tastemaker, Jody Williams took her awesome New York-restaurant, Buvette with her to Paris. And this rustic-chic place got it all. A great selection of wine and other small plates, but what we love the most is the breakfast. First of all, the coffee is great. Important! But more impressing is their “Waffle Sandwich”. The strange combination of waffles, cheese, bacon, syrup and a fried egg just leave your mouth with an intense sensation and happiness. And they say money can’t buy you happiness…..

Where To Zip Coffee: Café Kitsune

The Japanese brand, Maison Kitsune, can do it all. Fashion, art, music and coffee. And the coffee is just awesome. And the little place the café is placed, in the garden of Palais Royal – it does not get much better than this. Get your favorite form of coffee and enjoy it with a much-needed break from the busy capital life.

Where To Get Cake: Merci Library Café

Both a café, a fashion shop and an interior shop, this place is definitely a must see. After having browsed through their amazing collection of clothing, the different kinds of gadgets and the great selection of stuff for your apartment, go to the library café to grab something for your sweet tooth while feeling the Parisien buzz. If we can give give you one more tip: order the chocolate cake, you won’t regret it!

Where To Get Your Lunch: L’as Du Falaffel

Few meals can make us vegetarian, but if everything tasted like the falaffel sandwich from L’as Du Falaffel in the famous Marais area, we would definitely consider it. Trust us on this – it’s amazing and indeed a must when you are in Paris. Because of its iconic status, and obviously a turist attraction that is extremely well-known, expect a line. However, the guys of the shop know what they are doing, and often it will not take much longer than 15 minutes before you got this piece of sensation in your hand.

Where To Upgrade Your Apartment: The Conran Shop

This place got it all. Iconic furniture pieces, plants, accessories, rugs, lamps, you name it. The 2500 sqm. got something for all – especially if you like the finer things and want to spend your hard-earned cash on it. Or use it as a source of inspiration, because after a visit here, you want to get home and redecorate your place.

Where To Be Parisien: Café De Flore

When you walk the streets of the finer part of Paris, Saint-Germain, don’t miss the traditional Parisien café, Cafe De Flore. Grab a caesar salad for lunch and enjoy the great neighborhood and architecture, with a cup of their top-notch coffee afterwards. It became famous back in the days as the place where the intellectual French went, so why not mingle a bit, or at least just feel like one yourself.

Where To Be Chique: Bespoke Paris  

A place loved by the young Parisien, Bespoke is the perfect place to start your friday/saturday night off. Great selection of small plates ranging from sweet potatoes, chicken sandwich to raw salmon and a palette of great cocktails to zip it down with. Just a great, relaxed atmosphere.

Where To Get The Best Old Fashioned: Kong

Dine and wine with view of the Seinen. Sounds good? Wait till you get the old fashioned. Perhaps the best version of it we have ever had. The food is indeed also worthy of mentioning. So suit up and go to one of the most fashionable restaurants in Paris. A little suggestion: what ever you take, get the mashed potatoes. They are like a piece of heaven.

Where To Dine: Le Petit Marché

Packed with art dealers and lawyers who all know a good deal when the see it, this small and cozy restaurant in the Marais area, is the place to get your stomach filled when the clock hits dinner-time. It’s perhaps one of the best fusion restaurants in Paris serving contemporary bistro dishes with an Asian touch. Try their raw tuna with sesame and asian sauce – it’s a winner every single time!

Where To Stay On A Budget: Hotel Villa Margaux Opera Montmartre

It’s easy to find a good, overpriced hotel in Paris – but when in Paris, you don’t tend to spend very long time in your hotel anyways, so why not find a place that offers great value for money and spend the saved amount on food and wine? Last time we were here, we stayed at the Hotel Villa Margaux Opera Montmartre and the hotel got what was needed. A very friendly staff, clean rooms (!) and great beds. As a bonus, the hotel is located just on the other side of Buvette, so you don’t need to get the boring kind of breakfast they serve at these hotels.

Au revior, monsieur – enjoy Paris.