Don’t you have any wishes for Christmas? Or do you have to buy a present for the man who doesn’t want anything? Don’t worry. We’ve gathered 11 great present ideas that are the safest bets out there for any man (and woman). Find your inspiration here.

Text: Julius Bik



C hristmas and the associated gift shopping and wish lists are closing in fast. We wouldn’t be surprised if you know someone who doesn’t want anything for Christmas – or maybe you’re the one who feels that way. Regardless of which situation you’re in, we’re ready to help you.

We have sought out 11 gift ideas that we are sure will be well received by most men. Presents where you don’t have to worry about finding the right size and items that don’t need returning. 

Find them here.  


Stoff Nagel Candlestick(s)



The cold and dark months are upon us and that’s a perfect occasion to light the candles both at home and at the office. That’s why we suggest that you give – or wish for – one or more of the original vintage Stoff Nagel candlesticks, that can easily be combined. They really are works of art. A stylish and timeless present. 

Find them HERE at 350 DKK  


Scarf From AN IVY



A good scarf is an essential item in the winter where we have to prepare for the cold with warm and comfortable clothes. In our Winter 19/20 collection, we’ve made four stylish scarves in 100% wool, that can be mixed and matched with all your coats. They will suit any man (or woman) lucky enough to find one under the tree.

Find the 4 versions HERE at €59


Wine Glasses From SPIEGELAU


The Christmas parties have already started on and not before long you’ll be preparing for the new year party. For festive occasions with good food and wine it’s essential to have nice wine glasses to serve your wine in. 

Wine glasses from Spiegelau are a great gift to both give and receive whether you’re a wine connoisseur or you’ve just found your own apartment and need a stylish starter kit. 


Find this set of 4 glasses for red wine HERE at about 320 DKK
And a set of 4 glasses for white wine HERE at about 320 DKK 


Mills From PEUGEOT



While we’re setting the table it’s also a great option to upgrade the salt and pepper mills. These mills from Peugeot look good on any table as well as in any kitchen and of course freshly grounded salt and pepper is always the best option.

Find the pepper mill in a 22 cm version HERE at about 630 DKK

And the salt mill in a 22 cm version HERE at about 630 DKK


Donegal Beanie From AN IVY



Just like a scarf, a great hat is also an essential item during both autumn and winter. Wish for a hat from our new collection or give it to someone you care about. Designed in the flecked Donegal wool with a seamless edge, they suit everyone handsomely. Produced at a factory in Scotland with perhaps one of the world’s longest traditions in wool production, the quality is superb. Of course, our beanies are Woolmark-certified.

Find them HERE in 7 different colours at €45. 


Water Glasses From SPIEGELAU



We continue in the practical yet stylish categories that’ll look good on any dinner table – both when you’re expecting guests and in your weekday routine. It’s always a good idea to surround yourself with nice things and we love these glasses from Spiegelau. 

Find a set of 6 glasses HERE at 480 DKK and the tie HERE at 349 DKK




Don’t ever compromise on your equipment – especially in the kitchen. If you like to cook or want to give a present to someone who does, then this smaller knife from Global, designed by Komin Yamada, is a great choice. Guaranteed to be used every day.

Find it HERE at about 350 DKK


Wool Tie From AN IVY

When the season calls for wool ties, we are happy to obey. A wool tie’s textured surface gives it an informal look which we absolutely adore. At the same time, we guarantee that a wool tie is a good fit in every man’s wardrobe so there is no risk of it being returned after Christmas. 

Find the Grey Patterned Wool Tie HERE at 349 DKK.


Pitcher Designed By ARNE JACOBSEN


When you have nice glasses, of course it’s also important to have something nice to pour from as well. We love this minimalistic pitcher designed by Arne Jacobsen. 

Find it HERE at 1.099 DKK 


The Tie For Any Occasion


While a wool tie is seasonal, a navy tie with yellow stripes is an item, that can be used again and again the whole year. ‘The Ivy Silk’ has been a bestseller for years now – and we understand why. It’s elegant and timeless. It’s versatile and works well with both your tailoring and casualwear – try it with jeans and an overshirt. 

Find The Ivy Silk HERE at 349 DKK


Fight The Cold


Let’s end with another item that’ll look good in your home. This time we’ve gone from the kitchen and the dining table and into the more relaxed part of your home – the living room. Here, a grey wool blanket will be a great addition to any cozy corner.


Find it HERE at 749 DKK