4 Instagram-profiles You Should Follow If You Love Ties

Instagram is an awesome media that every day enriches our lives with lots of inspiring ways to dress and how to wear a tie in different ways. Especially these four profiles are amazing. 



Daniel has such a consistent style and aesthetic that its impossible not to be inspired when browsing through his feed. Most of his pictures are taken in the exact same spot in his living room and in the same angle. And that is exactly what makes his profile extra interesting. Because his style are just as streamlined as his way of doing things. And his style is impeccable. 

You can follow @datinventory HERE.  


Tomoyoshi Takada is one of the best dressed men in the world. He mixes in a brilliant way the classic and preppy elements such as suits, loafers and regimental stripes. And what is so impressing about his style is that it looks so easy and casual. 

You can follow @tomoyoshi_takada HERE


We also have to 'visit' Sweden, Stockholm, where you find fashion editor, stylist and model, Philip Conradsson. Again a style profile that has a modern way of incorporating the tie which he pairs with amazing suits that always have the details on point. For example the reverse on the jacket and the width of his pants. 

You can follow @conradssonphilip HERE


If you fancy those vintage vibes, then you need to follow the fashion writer, Ethan M. Wong. This guy really knows how to pull of a look that has strong inspiration from the 60's which often includes knitted vests, trousers with a big cuff, loafers and of course ties. 


You can follow @ethanmwong HERE