For us, the tie is much more than just an accessory that can be worn during formal events. A tie can easily be integrated into your daily uniform and you don't necessarily have to wear a suit together with a tie. Here are four ways to wear a tie casually. 

Photo: Victor Jones 

Model: Søren Hald



The Overshirt

Switching your blazer with an overshirt is a cool way to wear a tie more casually. It's been one of the most trendy jackets the last few seasons and can easily become your new go-to move when wearing a tie. 





This is one of our favorite style moves. Try to pair it with a pair of trousers and a cool pair of sneakers. It works! 



The Cardigan Look

The cardigan is not what is used to be. Now, it's not just for your granddad. You can easily use it to wear a tie in a modern way! 



We styled our tie 'The Shades of Red Striped' with a pair of wide jeans and penny loafers. A look that combines something that is trending now and one of the most iconic preppy moves; loafers.



The Sporty Jacket 

Mixing sports references and with the formal things didn't work 10 years ago. But now it's cooler than ever before. So next time you want to wear a tie, try mixing it up a bit with your sporty jacket. You can easily wear a dashing silk striped tie like here with it.



Rolled Up Sleeves On The Oxford Shirt

This is a no-brainer. A style move that works every single time. So whenever you want to wear a tie without dressing it up too much, just copy this look. Roll up your sleeves on your favorite Oxford Shirt and pair it with any tie you like. You are welcome!