5 Reasons You Should Have More Than one Blue Tie in Your Wardrobe

A blue tie isn’t just a blue tie. The shades and combinations are countless and so are the styling possibilities. AN IVY Co-founder, Alexander Gram, explores our world of blue bestsellers and tells us why it’s a good idea to have more than one blue tie in your wardrobe.


AN IVY Co-founder, Alexander Gram, shares his tips to picking five different and stylish blue ties. 

Photo: Victor Jones


W hen it comes to ties, the same rule for suits, shirts and everything else in the men’s wardrobe applies: Shades of blue is the most stylish and versatile colour you can wear. You’ll get far with a selection of blue ties in your wardrobe. Even though the colour base is more or less the same, stripes, patterns and subtle differences in colour can give your look a completely new life.


Co-founder of AN IVY, Alexander Gram, has gathered five good reasons for why you should have more than one blue tie in your wardrobe based on the range of AN IVY bestsellers


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The Essential Preppy Classic 



»If the Ivy League style from the 50’s and 60’s with a navy club blazer, light chinos, brogues and regiment ties inspires you just half as much as it inspires Nikolaj and me, then the The Ivy Silk is without a doubt the most essential tie you can have in your wardrobe. 


This tie exudes the essence of the preppy style which we adore greatly. It comes as no surprise that this tie has been a bestseller for several years.


There is something eternally classic and alluring about the colour combination of the dark navy and the thin yellow stripes. At the same time, it’s a tie that pairs well with everything in your wardrobe – from the khaki outfit to the classic navy suit. 


If you were to only have one navy tie my recommendation is without a doubt that you start with The Ivy Silk«. 


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Subtle Texture Details



»One of my personal favourites from the current collection is the Navy Textured Stripes. At the first glance it’s a rather classic and understated tie with a navy base colour and thin, white stripes. But up close it’s easy to sense the rough texture which is a result of our silk and wool blend.


As a result, this tie has a rather casual vibe. Of course, it’s a great match with the classic suits but it almost works even better if it’s styled with a denim jacket or some sort of overshirt. This could very well become your new go to tie for the more casual days «. 


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The perfect choice for the office

»If the dress code at your office means sticking to classic and more formal attire then, I personally believe, The Royal is an obvious choice. It’s an incredibly stylish tie that works perfectly in a formal environment but also breaks away from the classic elements thanks to our own take on the paisley pattern. 


At the same time, it distances itself from the two other striped ties I just mentioned because of the petrol blue shade which creates a great contrast to your navy suit just as it’s a good match to the grey ones.


That being said, this tie isn’t just for the office and the conservative dress codes. This tie also looks impeccable when incorporated in a broken suit with shades of brown where the paisley pattern can tie the whole outfit together. The Royal gives you yet another reason to have more blue ties in your wardrobe «. 


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When you want formal occasions to be less formal

»One of the most recent trends at AN IVY is our focus on small motives. In a world where the tie’s connotations are so formal, we don’t mind some unexpected and surprising elements. In this regard motives are an obvious choice.


Wearing ties with motives is of course a matter of balance. You don’t want it to get too silly. That’s why it’s a good rule to stick to a shade of blue, a colour associated with seriousness. Keeping the motives sophisticated, such as a ladybird, is another great way to end up with a stylish result. This is what we’ve done by weaving a ladybird on a navy silk tie and creating the Navy Silk Ladybird «. 


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Bring in some colours

»I want to end this post with one of the blue ties that might not be the one you’ll wear the most often if you are the type who wears ties diligently. However, this tie definitely earns its place in your wardrobe amongst the other (blue) ties. Because of the primary colour being blue then it’s easy to sneak in some brave colours in your look. 


For example, Shades of Red Striped has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now. Here we’ve added a bright pink to the stripes and the result is a perfect combination of the classic and the brave «. 


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