5 Style Icons That Inspire Us

The massive flow of the latest trends and tendencies is sometimes hard to navigate in. Luckily – regardless of fashion’s volatility – you can always find inspiration in the immortal style icons out there. Once again, we’ve gathered five of the most important that, each in their own way, have managed to create their own – and forever inspiring – personal look.

Text: Julius Bik


F ashion is constantly moving. New trends arise constantly and most of them disappear again fast. Style, however, is forever relevant and that’s what these icons are the best examples of

We’ve found five men and film references that are personifications of great style, that we admire and will always be relevant.


Gianni Agnelli 

Gianni Agnelli was famous and notorious. He was an icon in both the automotive industry and as a style icon. He was known for breaking the classic rules in style. For instance, he often wore his watch on the shirt, and he kept the thinner, back end of his tie longer than the front.

Although he often broke the rules, he did it with style. We would love to see more of that in today’s world. Naturally, everything should be done with caution and that also applies when breaking the rules of style – and of course you need to be familiar with the rules for you to break them. It could be the small things such as letting the thin part of your tie hang loose and/or a bit longer than the front. Of course, you could also choose a bit more subtle details such as not buttoning your button-down collar or not buttoning the cuffs on your shirt when wearing your tailoring.  

Mr. Agnelli was a true master of just that. 



Ralph Lauren

Mr. Ralph Lauren needs no introduction. The legend himself. His brand is iconic. It all started when Ralph Lauren – or Ralph Lifshitz – visited various stores with a small suitcase full of ties. That was the start of that empire, which Ralph Lauren is known for today. The brand is especially known for the preppy Americana style, in which we find a great deal of inspiration, and isn’t influenced by a specific trend in fashion. Ralph Lauren has been quoted of saying, ”I’ve never wanted to be in fashion. Because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion”. 

Whenever Ralph Lauren designs, he’s not afraid of using colours, patterns or other motives and naturally, his personal style is always an inspiration. He’s typically dressed in navy jackets, ties and bright jeans, which is definitely an always relevant and stylish uniform.



Alessandro Squarzi

Alessandro Squarzi, creative director at Fortela, is a man with impeccable style in several capacities. With a watch collection of over 400 watches, both modern and vintage, he’s without a doubt a serious collector, that you need to keep an eye on, if you’re interested in watches. The same applies for his cars, that count both vintage and new Porsches, a vintage Land Rover Defender and a new Mercedes G63.

Apart from his good taste in watches and cars, his style is enormously inspiring and includes everything from smoking-looks to worn-down sneakers and a t-shirt. His style dressed up and at the same time relaxed, which is exactly what makes it so underplayed and nonchalant at the same time. 

A lot of his clothes and accessories have just the right patina, that makes everything look so much more personal and a tad relaxed – without looking sleazy. It’s that kind of patina that can’t be copied. It must come from wear and tear or from buying vintage. His mix of vintage and new is something we would love to see more people get inspired from – and put to good use both in the wardrobe and in the home.




The Talented Mr. Ripley

We’ve said it before and we’re happy to say it again. The style in the film “The Talented Mr. Ripley” is amazing and an eternal source of inspiration. The characters were almost always dressed in oxford shirt and/or relaxed suits and that style is just as relevant today as it was, when the film premiered 20 years ago. 

Do yourself the favour of watching or rewatching the legendary movie just like you can tune in on the third episode of AN IVY Talks, where our co-founder, Nikolaj Dylsing, explains exactly why this movie is a fantastic style inspiration. 



Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen is known for both his style and his masculinity. He was especially known as a tough fella, who didn’t pay much attention to what everybody else thought. A point that is nicely highlighted by his quote “I live for myself and answer to nobody”.

He is almost synonymous with Persol sunglasses as well as his ability to make the three-piece suit look relaxed.