The AN IVY-team's Spring Style - From Double-breasted to Workwear

How does the AN IVY-team wear the ties right now? In this editorial we will show - and talk about - Nikolaj and Alexander's very own style and how they style the tie. And again, it shows the big versatility of the tie.  

Photo: Victor Jones 
Location: Ascot Hotel Copenhagen



Double Breasted Suit

It's no secret that we love a good double breasted suit more than ever right now. It's what we like to call the power suit and is plays a vital role in our wardrobes right now. When styling a double breasted suit it can very often become quite formal. So often when we where a double breasted suit during week days we try to make it a bit more casual. And here, the knitted ties are our go-to move. Here, Nikolaj wears 'The Rugbee' which compliments the navy suit great!  



Another way to make the double breasted suit a bit less formal is by choosing one that is made in a different kind of fabric than normal suits are. Like this velvet one that Alexander is wearing. Here, he can wear a silk tie with no problem while still looking casual in his suit. 




A tie can easily be worn with other things than the traditional suit. Alexander often wears his ties together with workwear-inspired sets. Like this plaided suit with utility-inspired pockets and a wider fit. 



Likewise, the hybrid between a workwear jacket and the typical blazer is a personal favorite right now. These types of jackets can both be worn with a pair of matching trousers or it can be worn paired with a pair of trousers in a different color or paired with your favorite jeans. 


Smart Casual

The art of dressing smart casual can be tricky as it mixes the formal pieces together with more casual ones. One way we like to do it is by pairing trousers, shirts and ties with more casual elements such as a zipped cardigan and a pair of sneakers. Especially the Converse Chuck 70's works brilliantly here!




Break Up Your Suits

We end this article by one of the most common ways we wear a tie: by breaking up our suits. Sometimes a full suit can feel out of place, why we like to mix and match between the trousers and blazers in our wardrobe. The above look are one of our preferred ways of doing so - mixing blue and grey.