Ever wondered how we wear our own designs this winter? We show you how we mix wool ties, lightweight scarves, tie bars and woolen beanies. This is our very own winter style. 


Photos by Victor Jones

This is a personal hello from the AN IVY-team. We - Nikolaj & Alexander - were on a very rare occasion actually in front of the lens and not behind it as we are used to. We teamed up with good friend and amazing photographer, Victor Jones, to showcase our very own winter-style.

We dress with woolen ties, beanies, chelsea boots great coats and much more. There are many thoughts and ideas behind these looks, so we will try to explain some of them throughout this article to point out some of our winter essentials.



The Coats 

Perhaps one of our favorite things about winter is rocking a coat. You got so many different choices: there is classic double-breasted woolen coats, you got the plaided ones, you can add some color. It's actually pretty easy to dress up if you got a great coat as it looks great with most things. Even on the more relaxed days with just a sweatshirt.



Chelsea Boots  

Some weeks ago, we talked about the best boots to rock together with a suit. One of them was the Chelsea Boot. And we like to take our own advise, why this is just a classic move for us. They look just as cool together with a good pair of denim as it does with your favorite fine trousers.



Wool Ties 

An advise we have been preaching for years now is to dress like the season. Also regarding ties. Linen ties are for summer, where wool ties are for winter. Your year-around suits will instantly look winter-ish when paired together with a wool tie. The classic grey wool tie is an essential. If you don't already got one, you should definitely consider this. The versatility of it is magnificent, and your look will be on point every single time you wear it.




Dressing also has to be practical. When the degrees are dropping, you need some pieces to keep you warm. The beanies are one of the first things we go to - and we have even talked about how to style it. We like how the rugged look of a beanie goes together with the fine and more formal look coming from a fine coat, a blazer and a tie. The navy beanie is just a classic and one with stripes gives it a nice twist.




Perhaps the trend of the season this winter. And it's definitely a trend we have taken to us. Alexander rocks one of his favorite coats on this picture and if you really notice, he actually pairs plaids with stripes. Underneath he rocks a striped shirt with a striped tie and the contrasting patterns actually goes really well together. Who said style had to be so classic and conventionally?



Shearling Jackets

The coat is definitely not the only outerwear you can rock during these cold months. A jacket we talked about last season, is still very much on our radar this winter - namely, the Shearling Jacket. We like how it has this rock'n'roll-feeling to it, while still looking super cool with a tie. To create a harmonious look, Nikolaj choose to keep it simple with black, white and grey - and if you ask us, the Herringbone Tie and the Black Beanie is really what makes this whole look come together.