He is most certainly one of Denmark's best dressed men. Hi sets himself apart with his look often filled with amazing vintage references and clothing bought in second-hand-shops. We teamed up with the stylish man to focus on his unique way of dressing with a tie.


K ristian Brandt is a good friend of the house. But he is likewise one of the best dressed in Denmark. Not just in our opinion but also in the eyes of this country’s biggest and most respected fashion magazine, Euroman, that put him on the top-10 list of the best dressed men in Denmark right now.


Mr. Brandt’s style is very unique. His inspiration clearly comes from a love of vintage goods. His signature look consists of highwaisted trousers, a pair loafers or 70s Converse and vintage jackets. But he also plays with more formal elements and has a unique way of balancing formal and casual. And this is what this editorial encapsulates. 


Shirt: The Striped Oxford Shirt // Tie: The Trusted



Shirt: The Blue Oxford Shirt // Tie: The Broker


Shirt: The Blue Oxford Shirt // TieThe Ivy Silk


Shirt: The Blue Oxford Shirt // TieThe American 50's Knit


Shirt: White Oxford Shirt // Tie: The Royal