We have teamed up with the always well-dressed Brothers Marfil who share their interpretation of our new collection with high waisted trousers, loafers and broken suits


Photos: Victor Jones
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We asked the well-dressed brothers if they would share their interpretation on our new collection and it resulted in a stylish fashion shoot focused on loafers, high waisted trousers as well as mixing and matching different upper and lower parts. And the brothers show us just how cool it looks tying your tie with a four-in-hand knot and leaving the back of the tie longer than the front. 


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Left - Tie: The Navy Marguerite
Right - André: Burgundy Textured White Oxford Shirt // David: Dark Brown Textured & Blue Oxford Shirt


André: Burgundy Textured & White Oxford Shirt // David: Dark Brown Textured & Blue Oxford Shirt


Left- David: Dark Brown Textured & Blue Oxford Shirt 
Right - André: 
Yellow Silk FlowersBlue Oxford Shirt 


Left -  David: The Navy Marguerite // André: Yellow Silk Flowers Blue Oxford Shirt
Right - André: 
The Refined Preppy Silk & Striped Oxford Shirt // David: Blue Oxford Shirt


Left  - David: Blue Oxford Shirt
Right - David: 
Blue Oxford Shirt



Left  - David: Blue Oxford Shirt // André: The Refined Preppy Silk 
Right  - André: 
The Refined Preppy Silk 


Left  - André: Tricolore Silk Flowery & Striped Oxford Shirt 
Right  - André:
Tricolore Silk Flowery & Striped Oxford Shirt // David: The Royal & White Oxford Shirt



Left - David: The Royal & White Oxford Shirt
Right - David: 
The Royal & White Oxford Shirt


Left - André: Burgundy Textured & White Oxford Shirt