Meet the well dressed gentleman, Mads Thalund. 



Once again, we have teamed up with one of our good friends to talk about work, style and a favorite Copenhagen summer days. This time it is the gentleman named Mads Thalund. You might not know him, but you know a bunch of the TV-shows and Fashion Shows that he is one of the masterminds behind, making sure that the logistics and production goes as planned. But more importantly, he knows a thing or two about getting dressed. We caught up with him to speak about just that. We talk the best-dressed men of Denmark (and Sweden), his perfect summer day in Copenhagen, how to wear a tie without being too formal and why Peter Schmeichel refers to him as the clothing expert. 



AN IVY: How would you describe your own style?


Well, I would say dressed up in a casual way. It’s very often a pair of jeans paired with a shirt and a blazer or over-shirt. Or it’s with dress pants, shirt and a sweater. I like to be well dressed, but still with a hint of casualness. Also, because of the dress code in our industry where you most often find people wearing jeans and sneakers. Nobody wear a suit. So you have to find a balance between the two. I like light blue shades, navy and green. Add white and beige during summer and light grey, charcoal and camel during wintertime. These are the colors that you can always mix and match.

I like when you can see that people have made an effort. Something I believe that people could be a bit better at here in Denmark. That you don’t just put on a random hoodie and a pair of jeans.



AN IVY: Because of the dress code in your industry – how do people react to the way you are dressing?


Well, throughout the years I have gotten A LOT of comments for my dressing style. Mainly because I stand out from the pack. Comments like if I just came from a border school or if I had to go to a meeting with the Royal Family. Peter Schmeichel who I made Champions League with in many years called me the clothing expert. We still talk and laugh about that. I may have worked a bit harder because of my different dressing style that the rest within this industry, but people know now that it’s just the way I like to dress and that’s just who I am. And honest, I think most like the fact that I differentiate a bit. Today, many of my colleagues ask for advise when they are about to buy a new suit. So you could say that they have embraced it over time.

AN IVY: Who are the best-dressed men currently in your opinion?

Oh, there’s a lot. Especially the swedes know how to get dressed: Lalle Johnson is really cool. Maxim Lundh and Philip Conradsson do it extremely well too. In Denmark I think that Virgil Nicholas, Martin Qvist and Jonathan Harboe has a way of making dress clothing look casual. Also, I like Anders Torp from NN07 who has a very simple and clean style, that I most definitely can find inspiration from. 



AN IVY: What’s your favorite tie-combination?

I’m a pretty classic guy and most often find myself wearing white, light blue or blue-striped shirts. So my ties have to match that. Often, it’s the knitted ties I choose as they are a bit different and casual than most ties. Also, I like to put a green or brown tie together with a blue (striped) shirt. And if you can find a tie that has a camo-pattern without it being too much, it’s awesome.



AN IVY: So if one has to buy his first pair of ties, what would you recommend?

I believe you have to look after colors that are easy to pair with other colors. Blue, grey and green for example. If you ask me, the tie can have a little pattern, but not too much, so it still can be paired with a striped or checkered shirt. Perhaps ‘The Preppy’ or ‘The Inevitable’. And a knitted tie to make sure that you can wear it casually.



AN IVY:  You talk a lot about wearing a tie casually. How do you do that?

Try to think outside of dress pants and blazers. Everything else than the tie has to be casual. Perhaps a pair of rough, grey wool pants, an oxford shirt, a tie and a denim jacket to put over. Or a pair of chinos, a casual shirt, a tie and an over-shirt. With this look, the tie isn’t very eye-catching, but it’s still a lovely detail. Or just do it the easy way: roll up your sleeves on your shirt, add a knitted tie, a pair of jeans and some loafers on your feet.

AN IVY: A man of style also knows how to get the most out of his off-days. How do you spend your summer days here in Copenhagen?

Well, I’m not much of an A-type, so I start off with a quiet morning. I would bike into Copenhagen and eat lunch, perhaps at the Meet Packing Districts food market or to La Banchina at Refshaleøen. Then I would take a walk in HC Ørstedsparken that I found extremely beautiful during the summer days. Then some wine at Rosforth and Rosforth or Ved Stranden 10. I would end the day at Ravnsborggade with food and wine, from one place to another. And lastly, hit up a great cocktail bar, e.g. Salon 39, Curfew, Le Bambole or just keep the Gin & Tonics coming at Bird and Churchkey.