The danish comedy star invites into his house to talk about history



Meet Mr. Stokholm. Most know him for his ability to make other people laugh. And we admit, he is funny. Like, really funny. But more important for us he shares this sincere love for being well-dressed. You never find him out of dress. Furthermore, he wears a tie more often than most, which he does very well.

Busy promoting his new and first one-man show that premiers September this year (yes, we are going), we found a free spot in his very full calendar to talk about this very consistent way of dressing, but we soon found out it wasn’t just wearing nice cloth he fancied, it was a fascination of two very precise decades.


AN IVY: Nikolaj, you live very minimalistic and with quite some design classics. How come?

Frankly, it’s due to a heavy fascination about the 1950’s and 60’s. Take a look at the revues back then, the movies, the women and the clothing. The aesthetics were just beautiful and you cannot find a more awesome decade than these two. So when I decorate my house with furniture’s from that time it’s simply just to honor that period. Admitted, I’m a bit of a nerd with these kinds of things, but often I inspect these furniture’s and I get a bit more impressed every time. To see how they have made the furniture, how they have put it all together. It’s just so well-made and well-thought.

AN IVY: What is the most beautiful furniture ever made? 

Hans Wegner’s Y-chair. First, it’s perhaps the best chair in the world to sit in. But also, every time you turn the chair a bit it is like you see a new chair. It never gets boring because it has so many different aspects. In my living room it actually just stands in a corner like it is a piece of art. It’s that spectacular.

AN IVY: If you could choose any furniture, what would be the next investment?

If I could choose any it would be Wegner’s ‘Bamsestol’. But the price tag is insane. On a more realistic approach I would say CH22 chair, also from Wegner. It would compliment my CH25 chair perfectly.


AN IVY: Talking about your style, is it the same fascination of the 50’s and 60’s that makes you dress the way you do?

Of course there is a connection. I really believed everyone, both men and women, looked incredible in those years. However, I also just feel at my best when I wear a shirt and a tie. First, it was a very premeditated choice. On stage I had this very confused style in my stand-up, so my choice of clothing were used as a contrast. Now, it’s just how I dress. But I also think having this kind of style makes people straighten up a bit in their chair. For me, I also do it to honor the ones who just paid a lot of money to see me; I have a lot of respect for these people and don’t want them to have a wrong impression of me. To have ironed a shirt and picked a good tie to complement it shows that I am prepared and giving them a great experience is something I take very serious.


AN IVY: But it stands in sharp contrast to how your other colleagues are dressed? 

Yes, it does. It’s like in this comedy-world it is either all-in or it is nothing at all. So either it is just a random t-shirt or it is this shiny jacket with watermelons on. You know, a real Jacob Haugaard-jacket. That’s a shame.


AN IVY: We have long talked about eating a lunch together, because there is this certain place you keep talking about. Can you elaborate a bit? 

Yeah, it’s Cafe Gammeltorv here in Copenhagen. Trust me, I think I have eaten at every open-sandwich-place (smørrebrød in danish) in Copenhagen, but no one can keep up with this place. I go here every time. Actually, I’m going to be a guest of honor here very soon, so you can quickly figure out, that it’s not a place I just visit a couple of times a year.

AN IVY: Lastly, if you should give a quick-guide on how to wear a tie the right way, what would be your advice?

Always tighten the tie all the way up so you can’t see any buttons on your shirt. It really looks awful. And no, it doesn’t tighten anything more, because you already have that button closed. If you wear a button-down shirt, please always button those buttons as well. And wear a beautiful tie. I prefer the ones with a slim silhouette. Finally, please, when you take off your tie, tie the tie up. Never just put it over your head. You are a big boy, if you can tie your shoelace, have children or have a drivers license you can do this.