A young man pursuing happiness. And takes actions towards his dream. Meet Simon Koppel - a young gentleman with the most interesting, yet challenging years of his life ahead of him. 



All photos by Victor Jones. Green Corduroy Trousers and Navy Wool Blazer featured are by Oscar Jacobson, while the brown blazer is from AT.P.CO and are all available at Zander Roskilde.

Fresh out of high school, Simon. What thoughts go on in your mind right now about your future? 

In my three years on Rysensteen High School my personal goals were what drived me in school. 20th of June 1pm my mom crowned my head with the student’s cap and immediately after my thought was ‘what now’. I am used to having multiple projects going on at the same time, so within a week I had signed up for a half marathon, ordered a one-way ticket to Paris leaving September 2018 and had acquired a full-time job on an architect drawing office to pay the rent on my new apartment on Vesterbro. Regarding the future, my plan is to study psychology within the next couple of years.



Many got lots and lots of dreams - especially in your age and your situation. What do you dream of in regards to your career, experiences and life in general? 


My sabbatical year has given me much more freedom in regards to being myself and shaping my own life. Currently I am trying to form my life after an advice I was given by my father – an advice he has shared with me from an early age: “Do what makes you happy”. Despite the fact that this advice might be old and cliché-like and a true parent-advice, in my mind the phrase must be a candidate to answer life’s puzzle, “What is the meaning of life?” I believe, if you don’t strive for happiness in your life, you can quickly become confused about what is up and what is down on this big earth. At least that is what I have experienced in my short lifetime.



Knowing you a bit, we know you did pretty well - okay, extremely well - during your years at high school. How come? Effort? Talent?


If you ask me everyone is capable of managing school – as a minimum in grade school. I know that literary know-how is not a common denominator for all. But in Denmark we are incredible privileged to have the essential settings to become great, why I believe it is pure laziness if you don’t take school seriously from the start. I remember how Michael Laudrup was once quoted for saying that only 35% of it was talent – the rest is pure hard work. If you want to get good grades or play on the first team discipline, desire and willpower is how to achieve it. And I believe this is just as true in any other parts of life.



Your favorite Instagram accounts right now is....

@asaprocky. Currently I am obsessed with his account. His whole Instagram is a painting and a series of dozens of pictures. I have recently read that he has lost thousands of followers due to his new style, but that just makes it even cooler.



And what about your favorite spots in Copenhagen?

Værnedamsvej is one of my favorite places on Vesterbro. No other place in Copenhagen is capable of creating such an unique Paris-like atmosphere. It takes me back to the Marais-area close to the central street, Rue de Rosiers. Granola must be the front figure on this great and cozy French feel. Currently I am dating one who speaks French fluent, which means I feel my best when she orders my double shot cappuccino.

If I have to drink a beer or zip some wine I mostly find myself at the Meatpacking District. After the renovation of the butcher houses, tourism and hipsters might have ruined the rawness feel of the place, which it had previously. But throughout the years I have learned to embrace the diversity of Copenhagen that I believe is what makes Copenhagen such a great city.

Another great place for me is Blågårdsgade that also has this true Nørrebro-feel to it, which I truly appreciate as well. The biggest beers are consumed at my cousin’s work, Badestuen.

The other day I ate my dinner on my roof, which indeed is my favorite Copenhagen-place. This is where I do sunbathing, watch the sunset at night and takes a nap some times. This roof is miraculously my very own, so I keep the address for myself. At least for now.