Socks: The small detail that makes the big difference

When it comes to the men’s wardrobe it is often the small details that make the big difference. And with a pair of good, stylish socks you can go a long way.



I s it the small details that make the big difference when it comes to the men’s wardrobe. It has gradually become a bit of a mantra in our AN IVY universe, and that’s especially how we feel when it comes to choosing socks, because even though it is a small discreet detail that you might tend to forget to renew in your wardrobe, your socks actually say a lot about you and your style.

If you must go completely metaphorically, then the socks are the silent hero in the wardrobe, as Mr. Porter has so often described them. They signal a sense of detail and a sense of effort if, for example, your trousers blunt. And they help to complete your look, just as they can certainly also help to make your look collapse in a split second. Therefore, never neglect them.


In our opinion, your socks should never make too much noise. Forget all about exaggerated designs and multi-color combinations. Instead, they just need to be a subtle detail in your outfit in total and have a good length so that there is no gap between the socks and the trouser edge when sitting down.

For an example, use the socks to play with different shades. If you wear navy suit pants, then you can appropriately let your socks be different nuance of blue, or you can go for a color-block version, which gives even more finesse to the look.



If you still want to draw attention to your look (which you should do), then the white rib sock is ideal.


You can find all of our socks which - by the way - is produced in Portugal right HERE

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