Create more outfits from your existing suits by mixing them up. The Italians call it ’spezzato’ and the English ’the broken suit’. The result is an incredibly stylish look that can be interpreted in several ways. We have gathered three of our favourite colour combinations here.

A perfect example (on the right) of spezzato. Photo: Pitti Uomo.

At AN IVY we love suits but just as much as we love the powerful uniform, we love to break it up and mix with different parts of other suits.


If you have ever visited Florence and Fortezza Da Basso during Pitti Uomo you know that the Italians (and the Japanese) are true masters of the art of mixing and matching. A way of styling they call ‘spezzato’, which basically means combining a jacket from one suit with a pair of trousers from another.


In English the concept is typically referred to as a "broken suit" in this context. And if you ask us the look is both incredibly fashionable and, in the meantime, a prime example of smart casual.


Here in Denmark some of the very best at ‘spezzato’ are Brothers Marfil both of whom you can meet in this fashion series.


We have gathered three of our favourite approaches and style tips for “spezatto” that we wear the most at the office. At the same time, these three styling tips can help ensure that you are fully exploiting the vast possibilities that your wardrobe has to offer. Enjoy!

Mix Beige and Brown Jackets with Navy and Grey Trousers


Without a doubt our favourite combination when it comes to the spezzato look: Beige and brown jackets paired with a pair of navy or grey trousers. This combination creates an effortless, cool and coherent look which of course pairs perfectly with an oxford shirt and a tie. Go for the lighter brown jackets in the hot summer months or embrace the darker shades of brown no matter the time of year.

Mix Light Trousers and Darker Jackets


A tougher combination to pull off but nevertheless a combination that’s especially perfect for the hotter months. Turn things upside down and mix for instance your navy blazer with a par of white suit pants as Ruben is doing (left) above. Daring but stylish. 


If you want it to be even more daring, then do as David (right) and play with similar tones by wearing a light grey blazer paired with cream trousers.


Both combinations are always extremely powerful but avoid the most formal jackets and especially those with padded shoulders if you want to go down the spezzato look. Here it’s all about creating a relaxed look. 

Statement Blazers and Suit Pants


Let’s end with one of our other favourite combinations. One of the most stylish things right now is picking a checked, striped statement blazer or a blazer in a daring colour and mixing it with suit pants with a more understated look – both grey and navy suit pants work well in this combination. An easy and simple style tip that always works.