We just dropped Volume 2 of our 'Italian Collection'. Block shantung ties, striped grenadine ties, the (perhaps) most versatile ties in the world and new in the AN IVY-universe: Belts. See the lookbook here. 


Because Italians Know How To Make Accessories

If there is something that Italians know about, it's style. Therefore it's also no coincidence that perhaps the best accessories in the world are made in Italy. They have a long heritage of manufacturing and they take pride in using the best possible qualities every single time, taking no short cuts. This is also why we are so proud to have the possibility of working together with some of the best and most skillful manufacturers in Italy for our exclusive collection 'Italian Collection'. 

Lets introduce some highlights to you here. 

The Block Shantung Tie


Shantung silk is a raw silk leaving a rich texture in the fabric. We absolutely love the shantung ties. They are an easy way to add some flavor to your looks and you can use them to dress up and dress down. And who doesn’t love a good color combination? We certainly do.

The Versatile Solid Grenadine Tie


Grenadine is not the name of the fabric, it’s still made in 100% silk, but it’s the way it is weaved. Grenadine ties are a stylish, versatile and underplayed choice. And the solid colored grenadine ties are perhaps the most versatile tie you can wear.

Bold Striped Ties


It is no surprise that we at AN IVY love a striped tie. And for this collection we went all in about these ties. Plenty of stripes in different widths and great color combinations.

Earth and Seasonal Colors


We love when a tie is matching the season that we are in. And going into the colder months, we also need to adjust the color that we wear a bit. Earth tones such as brown, green and burgundy are great colors to wear at this time of the year.

Belts in Suede and Leather


A new thing in our universe are belts. They are practical but can just as easy take your looks to new heights. An important detail in a man’s wardrobe if you ask us. And made to compliment everything fro your finest suit to your favorite pair of jeans. We love rich colors and texture and these belts show just that. All made in either grained leather or a rich suede.

Find Your Own Favorite

Browse through the full collection and find your personal favorites right here or see some of the products beneath here.